14 Must-Haves for your Hospital Bag

The time has come to pack my hospital bag.

I know that some women pack things like candles and gift bags for guests and birthing soundtracks, but I am not one of those women.

I am having a baby, not throwing a party.

But, I still think it’s important to be prepared. Especially when the hospital won’t even let you take your baby home if you forget the most important item of all— *ahem*, everybody make room for an infant carseat in their bag???

From necessities to niceties, I’ve got my fourteen hospital bag MUST-HAVES in the slideshow below.

Not including an outfit for yourself to wear home. You’re not planning to walk out of the hospital naked, are you?

  • Nightgown or Pajamas 1 of 14
    Nightgown or Pajamas
    Personally, I'm a pajama fan, especially since I'll be walking around the corridors of the hospital. I love these Munki Munki flannel pajamas with a button down top perfect for easy access.
    Buy for $68 from Nordstrom
  • Socks and/or Slippers 2 of 14
    Socks and/or Slippers
    Nobody wants to walk on a hospital floor barefoot. These cashmere ballet slippers from Restoration Hardware are the perfect combo of both.
    Buy for $79 from Restoration Hardware
  • Toiletries 3 of 14
    A brush, make-up remover, shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, etc. Anything that you think you'd need after the biggest work-out of your life.
    Buy similar item for $35 from Eagle Creek
  • The Good Camera 4 of 14
    The Good Camera
    Yes, I know, everyone just uses their phone for pictures nowadays, But for some occasions, like this one, it's worth toting along the real thing.
    Purchase for $579.99 from Best Buy
  • Snacks 5 of 14
    You probably won't get to eat much during labor but your husband or birthing partner is going to need snacks. My husband's sustenance of choice is always Clif Bars.
    Buy a case for $24.90 from Tek Cycling
  • Nursing Bra 6 of 14
    Nursing Bra
    This is one of the most important things to bring and you should definitely go to a place to get professionally fitted for one in the weeks leading up to your due date.
    Buy for $55 from Bare Necessities
  • Robe 7 of 14
    Comfort is key especially in a chilly hospital.
    Buy for $59 from Bloomingdale's
  • Make-up 8 of 14
    Some moms like to greet guests au natural, expecting their post-labor glow to do the trick. I am not one of those mothers.
    Buy for £14.99 from Free Fall UK
  • Sanitary pads 9 of 14
    Sanitary pads
    The hospital will give you sanitary pads but they do not stick and they are tremendous. If you prefer your own brand, you can bring your own, but make sure they are heavy duty as possible.
    Buy for $9.77 from Amazon
  • Baby’s First Outfit 10 of 14
    Baby's First Outfit
    Most parents like to dress their kid up for their first real outing into the world. Be prepared— our first child was WAY too tiny to fit in the outfit I brought and we ended up keeping her in her hospital get-up. Also, if you give birth in the winter, remember to bring a warm jumper and/or a fleece liner for the carseat.
    Buy for $25 from Tea Collection
  • Diaper Bag 11 of 14
    Diaper Bag
    Say hello to your new purse! Might as well get used to it now.
    Buy for $56 from Macy's
  • Receiving blanket 12 of 14
    Receiving blanket
    You'll want to have a soft blanket to show off your brand new baby to visitors.
    Buy for $5 from SMB Creations
  • Phone 13 of 14
    I know it seems crazy that someone might forget their phone in this day and age when they are practically attached to our hands, but when you are rushing to the hospital all bets are off. Even if you use your camera for pictures, you'll still want to call, email and text everybody you know.
    Buy for $399 from AT&T
  • Carseat 14 of 14
    Technically, you probably can't fit a carseat into a hospital bag but they will not let you leave the hospital without one. If you remember one thing from this list, it's have the carseat ready! I recommend the New born Snugride from Graco.
    Buy for $89.99 from Graco


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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