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Unique Adoption Finds on Etsy via Adopting brings about a whole set of emotions that are hard to explain to others who haven’t gone through the process. Like a pregnancy, adoptive families, extended family members, and friends usually can’t wait to be a part of the new little one’s life – from as early in the journey as possible.

When I think of my pregnancies, I think of how there was a few shirts in particular I couldn’t wait to wear that announced a gender, my twins, or just confirmed that it was indeed, a baby and not simply me. Larger.

I feel the same way about adoption and know others must too. So I’ve rounded up 14 of the cutest, more unique, inspiring Etsy finds to showcase here that are based on the adoption journey. From the gorgeous, handstamped “waiting” necklace I’m going to buy, to a gift for a grandmother, aunt, or sister in your child’s native language, to stuffed animals filled with material from the country your child is from. These are perfect for you, for your family, friends, or someone you know who is adopting!

I love each and everyone of these I picked, and all of them support a small business, adopting family, or work at home parent. Take a peek at the handmade love below:

  • Gotcha Day Blocks 1 of 14
    Gotcha Day Blocks
    I adore these eye catching blocks. Celebrate the day you became a forever family with these Gotcha Day Adoption Wooden Nursery Blocks. Gotcha Day is the day when parents finally are united with the child(ren) they've waited for.
    Purchase at Evangalina's Closet
  • Handmade Toys from Your Child’s Country 2 of 14
    Handmade Toys from Your Child's Country
    Totally handmade from authentic African materials. Your purchase not only gives you an adorable handmade animal, you can purchase it with joy knowing that the total proceeds from your purchase supports adoptive families.
    Purchase at The Sparrow Fund
  • Prints for Special Dates 3 of 14
    Prints for Special Dates
    A customizable print of the day your little one came home.
    Purchase at Ten Tiny Toes Designs
  • Waiting Necklace 4 of 14
    Waiting Necklace
    Hand stamped adoption necklace with "waiting" on it for your special referral. I actually am going to purchase one of these soon, it's gorgeous.
    Purchase at Keefer Style Creations
  • Adoption Album 5 of 14
    Adoption Album
    A baby/child adoption album, including important things to remember always like Preparing to Bring You Home, First Glimpse, Meeting You, and The Early Weeks.
    Purchase at Edna Mae
  • A Reminder or a Thank you 6 of 14
    A Reminder or a Thank you
    This art print makes a perfect adoption gift for a birthmother, whether for the birthmother of your child, or for someone you know. Also great to add to a scrapbook or nursery for an adopted child.
    Purchase at Always With Me
  • Customizable Country Print 7 of 14
    Customizable Country Print
    I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. - John 14:18
    This print is a wonderful way to celebrate an adopted child in your own family or given to a friend as a gift!
    Red Letter Ink
  • Adoption Tote 8 of 14
    Adoption Tote
    This family is selling their adorable Tote Bags to raise money for their adoption. Versatile and whimsical, they're perfect not only if you're adopting but if you know and support someone who is!
    Purchase at Papaya Sewing Creations
  • Brother/Sister Announcement Shirt 9 of 14
    Brother/Sister Announcement Shirt
    Then this shirt is the most perfect and oh so adorable way to announce the big news! They will have all eyes on them when they wear this! Everything is completely customizable:
    Purchase at Zoey's Attic
  • Family Necklaces 10 of 14
    Family Necklaces
    Celebrate the miracle of adoption with this beautiful glass tile pendant necklace, which features the word "Zumu," the Chinese word for "Grandmother," in a traditional Chinese spelling. I love how this store includes "Aunt", "Mother", and "Sister" among others, in all kinds of languages.
    Love Blooms Eternal
  • Adopted Collage 11 of 14
    Adopted Collage
    I thought this was such a unique piece a celebration of how families can be so different and wonderful. Print of an original gouache painting. All elements were painted separately then assembled like a collage.
    Patati et Patata
  • 100 Good Wishes Quilt 12 of 14
    100 Good Wishes Quilt
    Isn't this gorgeous? In the northern part of China it is traditional to make new babies a special quilt to welcome the new life. It is called a Bai Jia Bei, or 100 Good Wishes Quilt. The custom is to invite friends and family to contribute a piece of cloth and a good wish or blessing for the baby. A quilt is made by using a patch of each fabric and a small piece of the same cloth is put into a scrapbook along with the blessing from each person.
    Purchase at Bear Hug Baby Quilts
  • Wall Print for Remembering 13 of 14
    Wall Print for Remembering
    I adore this saying, and it comes in a variety of colors to match a child's nursery or room. Perfect as an adoption gift, you have the option of customizing it with that very special date your child was welcomed into your family forever.
    Purchase at The Dreamy Giraffe
  • Map of Your Child’s Country 14 of 14
    Map of Your Child's Country
    A map of the country your child came from, including all the unique and wonderful elements of their homeland.
    Jodi Queenan

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