15 Adorable Newborn Shoes on Etsy You Can’t Say No To

15 Adorable Newborn Shoes on EtsyWhile I am still waiting to get pregnant, my baby fever is still on full-blast. Every time I am at the store and pass the adorable newborn clothes I swear I can feel my ovaries try to work (yet fail). The little skirts and adorable boy t-shirts and don’t even get me started on the little baby jeans that are all ready for fall right now.

I hit a whole new level of “oh-mer-gerd I want baby” when I pass the newborn shoes though. It’sĀ ridiculousĀ  I have this insane hate for feet, but when it comes to brand new never-been-walked-on toes, I just can’t help myself. My crazy love for newborn shoes has never been on a bigger high-alert thanks to the wonderful world of Etsy. The amazingly talented people who come up with the most adorable baby shoes is just insane and I have a feeling I will go slightly broke when the time comes for me to get my baby started on their shoe collection.

Click through to see 15 of the most adorable newborn shoes on Etsy & where to get your own pair:

  • Recycled Slipper Shoes 1 of 15
    Recycled Slipper Shoes
    These gorgeous shoes would look adorable on a baby girl or boy. Recycled and handmade, you can see it's done with love.
    Buy a pair from FoxandPup/Etsy, $15
  • Bright Blue with Red Accents 2 of 15
    Bright Blue with Red Accents
    How cute are these?! The bright blue and popping red make these a favorite.
    Buy a pair from hilaryfrazier/Etsy, $24.50
  • Pink and White Polka Dot 3 of 15
    Pink and White Polka Dot
    I can't get enough of the polka dots. These would look too cute to be real on a baby girl!
    Buy a pair from PoshPipsqueak/Etsy, $9.95
  • Zebra Animal Barefoot 4 of 15
    Zebra Animal Barefoot
    I am loving the barefoot shoes! While not really practical for keeping babes feet warm, they would me cute-overload in a photoshoot.
    Buy a pair from bellasboutiquexo/Etsy, $6.95
  • Black & White Zebra Crib Shoes 5 of 15
    Black & White Zebra Crib Shoes
    I love these ballet-type shoes for me and they are even cuter in newborn baby size. The feathers add a little extra special to them.
    Buy a pair from BabyliciousDivas/Etsy, $13.99
  • Lil’ Man Loafers 6 of 15
    Lil' Man Loafers
    These are a huge favorite of mine and if I have a boy I will be rushing to get these. Old man loafers for a newborn babe is too cute.
    Buy a pair from GiggledPink/Etsy, $32
  • Personalized Baby Shoes 7 of 15
    Personalized Baby Shoes
    If you're wanting something personalized for your baby (for a pair of shoes you're going to hold on to forever) these are cute, classy and can be personalized with your babe's initials.
    Buy a pair from KayLaneSisters/Etsy, $17.95
  • Crocheted Newborn Shoes 8 of 15
    Crocheted Newborn Shoes
    I love the hot pink color of these shoes and paired with the flower it's even cuter.
    Buy a pair from MiniBeeBee/Etsy, $5.99
  • 100% Merino Wool Baby Booties 9 of 15
    100% Merino Wool Baby Booties
    Handmade and not like any other shoe, this one is an adorable option for a baby boy.
    Buy a pair from binkieblankie/Etsy, $17
  • Baby Korker Bow Barefoot Sandals 10 of 15
    Baby Korker Bow Barefoot Sandals
    Another pair of the barefoot sandals, these are perfect for a girly girl! The frilly ribbon look and the hot pink are the perfect combination.
    Buy a pair from bellasboutiquexo/Etsy, $6.95
  • Vintage Newborn Baby Crib Shoes 11 of 15
    Vintage Newborn Baby Crib Shoes
    Vintage and newborn go together like peanut butter and jelly. These would look so cute on any baby boy!
    Buy a pair from HeySweetiePieShop/Etsy, $7
  • Handmade Baby Moccasins 12 of 15
    Handmade Baby Moccasins
    There really aren't words for the adorableness in these shoes. Handmade and the perfect size for a new baby.
    Buy a pair from thunderrose/Etsy, $16
  • Pink Paisley 13 of 15
    Pink Paisley
    I am a sucker for paisley anything and add that to pink and I am already sold. The ribbons add an extra touch of cute!
    Buy a pair from PaulaRainBaby/Etsy, $16
  • Grey Handmade Crochet Baby Shoes 14 of 15
    Grey Handmade Crochet Baby Shoes
    I love these toned down color and handmade shoes. They would be great for a boy or girl -- so perfect baby gift!
    Buy a pair from MiniBeeBee /Etsy, $5.99
  • handmade crochet shoes 15 of 15
    handmade crochet shoes
    Little car feet. How cute, right?! These would look adorable on a boy (or a girl!) and imagine how much fun these would be for an older sibling to look at.
    Buy a pair from PORSCHEE79/Etsy, $9

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