15 Baby Names That Should Never Be Used — But Have Been

You all know how much fun I think baby names are and the more unusual, the better, in my book! (In case you were wondering and I know you are my favorite source for less-used names is Appelation Mountain.) Taste in names is about as unique as it gets, and while my taste varies from the mainstream, I can generally dig deep and find some respect for names others use that I wouldn’t dare consider. Family connections, sure. Name meaning, sure. Name origin, sure. I’ll even stretch it to name sound.

But there is a limit. You get to a point, and there’s just no redemption in an all-out BAD name. So I sang, “hallelujah!” when I came across a Nameberry article featured on the Huffington Post.

Look, you can name your baby whatever you want. But if you name your daughter Money, there’s a universal law (that I just created) that allows the rest of the people in the world those with commonsense to totally make fun of you for doing that to your poor kid. I mean, come on: There are rare names, and then there are just BAD names.

And these take the cake for the worst of the worst. Keep in mind that these are actual names given to at least five babies (each name!) in 2012. To put it in perspective, 2012 saw at least five baby girls officially named Money. But the bad naming doesn’t stop there…

Be sure to check out the full list of totally and painfully awful baby names that should never be used via Huffington Post!

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