15 Disney-Inspired Baby Names

I am a huge fan of Disney movies and I feel like they always come up with the most beautiful names for their leading and secondary characters.

If you’re looking for unique names for your soon-to-be-born child and want the names to have strong qualities behind their meaning, Disney movies are a good place to start. You have characters who are strong, independent, adventurous and a little mischievous. There are a lot of names you can pull from these movies to inspire the perfect name in your child.

  • Disney-Inspired Names 1 of 16
    Disney-Inspired Names
    Disney characters always have the best names and the characteristics that come with the names could be a good fit for your child.
  • Phillip 2 of 16
    He's strong, brave and willing to take on a Dragon for the one he loves. Maybe giving your son the same name as the prince from Sleeping Beauty will give him some similar qualities.
  • Merida 3 of 16
    She is fearless, smart and not willing to bow down to anyone. Amazing qualities for a girl, inspired by Disney's Brave.
  • John 4 of 16
    He's an adveterous guy who loves to travel the world. If these are qualities you hope your son to have, this Pocahontas inspired name is a good fit.
  • Ariel 5 of 16
    Who doesn't love Ariel from The Little Mermaid? She's full of adventure, has amazing loving qualities and would be the perfect fit for a sweet girl.
  • Arthur 6 of 16
    The character from The Sword in the Stone is a great, classic name that's not too common.
  • Aurora 7 of 16
    She is sweet and innocent and loving to everyone (even all animals). Great characteristics for any girl.
  • Eric 8 of 16
    He loves hard and has a giving and caring spirit in The Little Mermaid. He doesn't let any differences get to him and would be a strong name for a boy.
  • Flynn 9 of 16
    He's funny, caring, adventurous and a little bit of a troublemaker. Sounds like the perfect name for a energetic boy.
  • Ralph 10 of 16
    The lead character from Wreck it Ralph, your first impression may not be the best. Once you get to know him, you see he's a sweet, caring guy which is a wonderful name for a boy.
  • Bruno 11 of 16
    Bruno inspired by the dog in Cinderella is protective and caring and could inspire the same in your little boy.
  • Remy 12 of 16
    The mouse from Ratatouille never lets anything stand in his way. He goes for what he wants and who doesn't want that for their child?
  • Ella 13 of 16
    Inspired by Cinderella, Ella is a beautiful, princess name for your darling girl.
  • Tiana 14 of 16
    She is strong, has goals and follows through and it's a unique name if that matters to you too.
  • Eve 15 of 16
    The girl robot from Wall-E is a hard worker and knows right from wrong well. She loves hard and it's such a pretty name.
  • Belle 16 of 16
    She takes brains over beauty and doesn't take anything at face value while giving people second chances. It's a beautiful name for your little girl.

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