15 Fun Things To Do With Your Partner Before The Baby Arrives

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I remember when I was in college taking a family development class, reading a study about how marital satisfaction declines once children are thrown into the mix.  I also remember thinking that it didn’t make a lot of sense to me.  Wouldn’t children make a marriage happier?

Well, I’m quickly beginning to notice that ever since finding out I was pregnant there’s been a shift in my mommy-to-be brain.  All things in life post-pregnancy have started becoming “baby-centric”.  Sometimes the space this baby takes up in my brain seems so huge that it’s a wonder there’s any space left in there for every day functions like feeding myself, much less thinking about ways to have fun with my husband.

But I really do believe that a strong relationship with my husband is the most valuable thing we can give our future children.  So, if you’re looking for some ways to sneak in some quality time with your partner before things start getting really busy, look no further.

Here are some fun things to do with your partner before the baby arrives…

1. Read a Non-Baby-Related Book Together

There’s probably a stack of un-read pregnancy and baby books sitting on both of your night stands. Find one that is completely unrelated and enjoy reading it together to give yourself a break from all the advice you’re being bombarded with.

2. Take a Day Trip

A quick road trip is a great way to reconnect and enjoy some of the local food and events without breaking the bank.

3. Plan a Babymoon

Start planning a relaxing vacation to enjoy some quality rest and relaxation with your honey while there’s still relaxation to be had.

4. Build a Fort or Camp in Your Backyard

Nothing like acting like kids together to make you feel bonded.

5. Host a Dinner Party Together

Once the baby comes and you’ve got another little person’s schedule to juggle, making time for friends may get a little bit tricky. Hosting a dinner party will give you an excuse to see all of your friends while flexing your culinary muscles.

6. Get Busy in a New Place

In the early recovery days post delivery, sex will be a no-go and once you can start boot-knocking again, you’ll probably be wanting to get some serious shut-eye instead. Take advantage of this time to be a little bit adventurous and do it somewhere new.

7. Get Fancied Up and Go Out For a Night On the Town

Doing something extra special and out of the ordinary that involves getting dressed up re-ignites the excitement you both felt during some of your first dates when you both put a little extra effort into your pre-date attire.

8. Journal About Your Pre-Baby Life Together

I’ve heard that once you have kids you start to forget what life was like without them. Journaling about your life pre-children would be something fun to do and look back on. “Book of Us: A Journal of Your Love Story in 150 Questions” by Kate Marshall would be a great journal to go through together.

9. Have an All-Night Movie Marathon

Pretty soon you’ll be up all night, but it won’t be for fun things like movie marathons. Enjoy one while you can. I think I’ll be choosing “Arrested Development”.

10. Do Something Your Partner Enjoys

Take time to do something that your partner enjoys with them. For me, my husband loves me to come up to the mountain with him when he goes snowboarding – even if I’m not actually snowboarding and I’m just reading in the lodge, he still appreciates my company. Try to think of something that your partner enjoys and make a date of it and make sure it goes both ways!

11. Make Your Bedroom a Cozy Little Love Nest

Your bedroom should be your oasis. A place of escape during the chaotic moments of life. Unfortunately laundry baskets and dog beds often end up taking over and killing the romance. In the midst of readying the baby’s room, take a little time to spruce up your own love nest and make it a cozy place that you actually want to be together.

12. Take a Class Together

Learning something new together is bound to bring you closer together. So go ahead and try something you’ve always wanted to do – whether it’s ceramics or fly fishing – just learn how to do it together!

13. Have Impromptu Dance Parties

Dancing relieves stress and stress-free couples are happier. Nothing like some booty shaking in the kitchen to wipe away the cares of the day.

14. Have a Picnic

Getting outside together for a picnic is a fun and inexpensive way to spend time together.

15. Sleep in and Then Have Breakfast in Bed

Your days of sleeping in will soon be a rarity, so make sure you schedule in some time to sleep in. Once you wake, enjoy a leisurely breakfast in bed – try something fancy – you’ll have plenty of time for cereal and breakfast bars once the lack of sleep hits.

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