15 Funniest Baby Booties for Halloween

If you’re due in the next month or so, have you been thinking about Halloween? Unsure if you want to invest too much money in a newborn Halloween costume that you may or may not use? One of the best solutions is to buy¬†ah-dorable, hilarious baby booties and make them a costume in and of themselves.

A) it’s cheaper than an entire costume; B) your baby can wear them well after Halloween because — hello! — babies can get away with anything; and C) did we mention they’re adorable?


Check out some of the best baby booties for Halloween and beyond:

  • Little Yoda Baby Feet, $12 1 of 15
    Just throw on a green onesie and these booties (and maybe a newborn yoda hat), and you'll all set. Get these booties from The Green Hedgehog.
  • Ladybugs Baby Booties, $19 2 of 15
    Would also work as a little strawberry. Buy these booties from Zecite.
  • Fireman Firefighter Baby Booties, $10 3 of 15
    These are extremely adorable for Halloween -- especially if Dad is a firefighter! Get these from Grizzly Creek.
  • Cowboy Booties, $10 4 of 15
    These are adorable all on their own. Get these cowboy boots from Grizzly Creek.
  • Fortune Cookie Baby Booties, $24 5 of 15
    Feel like the luckiest mom in the world? Give your good fortune her own little fortune cookie baby booties, personalized with whatever message you'd like. An easy, memorable costume idea from Sushi Booties.
  • Black Hockey Skates, $30 6 of 15
    If your family loves hockey, odds are that someone gave your little one a teeny tiny hockey jersey. Complete the look with these knitted hockey skates from Heather's Treasure Box.
  • Dorothy’s Ruby Red Slippers Booties, $12 7 of 15
    Thinking about dressing up your newborn girl as Dorothy? These Dorothy booties are cute, comfy and warm. Get them from Best Dressed Baby.
  • Elf Baby Booties, $10 8 of 15
    All you need is a little green onesie and these booties for your mini elf. Get these booties from Leah Knits.
  • Witch Baby Shoes, $20 9 of 15
    Get these from Little Dog Laughs.
  • Baby Chicken Feet Booties, $40 10 of 15
    I ADORE these knitted chicken feet from The Miniature Knit Shop.
  • Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers, $25 11 of 15
    Another option for your sweet little Dorothy, from All Things Baby.
  • Furry Paw Shoes, $22 12 of 15
  • Scarecrow Shoes, $22 13 of 15
    The perfect scarecrow booties from Peach Cheeks.
  • Jack O’ Lantern Shoes, $22 14 of 15
    Festive without being too costume-y, from Peach Chees.
  • Lobster Baby Booties, $22 15 of 15
    Your baby will need absolutely nothing else besides these adorable lobster booties to steal the show. Get a pair from Bibity Bobity Boo.

(Since all of these baby booties are handmade from Etsy, make sure you give the shop owners plenty of time to make them before Halloween. Check with the individual shop owners for turn-around time.)

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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