15 Mother’s Day Gifts Perfect for the Mom-to-be

It’s MAY which means Mother’s Day is just around the corner. One of my favorite days personally because I think it’s important we set aside that time to thank and celebrate our Moms. They do so much and often they’re the ones making sure we’re celebrated so it’s a great day to do that for her.

If you’ve got a mom-to-be in your life, you don’t want to leave them out of the Mother’s Day plans. While their baby may not be in their arms, they are a mom and should be celebrated too. If she’s a first time mom, she will miss out this year on the cute handmade things for kids, but something for her to look forward to for the years to come.

If you’re shopping for Mother’s Day for a pregnant mama-to-be, there are some great gift ideas that will both be cherished and useful during her pregnancy. They don’t all have to be expensive, but of course, some thought should go into the gift. Here are a few ideas that would make great Mother’s Day gifts for the mom-to-be in your life.

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    MOthers day

    If you're on the hunt fora gift idea for the Mom-to-be in your life for Mother's Day -- here are some good ideas.

  • Mom-to-be Necklace 2 of 16

    This beautiful necklace is something that can be treasured forever and would make the perfect gift for Mother's Day

    Want one? Get one from TheWagTaggery on Etsy, $23

  • Pregnancy Necklace 3 of 16

    Help the mom-to-be in your life celebrate Mother's Day with this gorgeous due date month necklace.

    Want one? Get one from Studio463 on Etsy, $38

  • Fertility Necklace 4 of 16

    This fertility necklace is perfect for the newly pregnant mom-to-be. It's said to help regulate emotions and keep mom calm, what could be more perfect?

    Want one? Get one from TheFertileGarden on Etsy, $34

  • Inspiring Wall Art Quote 5 of 16

    This perfect quote wall art is a reminder for mom-to-be and would make a darling Mother's Day gift.

    Want one? Get one from Wallfry on Etsy, $18

  • Body Oil 6 of 16

    Help mom-to-be nourish and moisturize her changing skin and give her a boost of happy for the sense.

    Want some? Get some from Soapwalla on Etsy, $30

  • Make Dinner With Here Cravings 7 of 16

    You don't need to spend a lot of money to make her day special. Cook up all her pregnancy cravings (and stay away from her aversions) for dinner and she'll be happy.

    Photo credit: photostock

  • Pregnancy Essential Pack 8 of 16

    Everything you could possibly need to treat and care for your body while you're pregnant, this kit would be perfect for the mom-to-be.

    Want it? Get it from Earth Mama Angel Baby, $54.22

  • Jar of Hearts 9 of 16

    This beautiful jar filled with inspiring messages about motherhood is perfect for the mom who is about to become a mom.

    Want one? Get it from Rychei on Etsy, $27.95

  • Body Pillow 10 of 16

    Sleep is so important when you're pregnant, yet hard to get enough comfortable sleep. Make it easier for the mom-to-be in your life with this amazing body pillow.

    Want one? Get one from Amazon, $47.90

  • Pregnancy Journal 11 of 16

    Years down the road we will probably want to remember some of the things we experienced during pregnancy. It's not always easy which is where the pregnancy journal comes in handy. It makes a perfect gift for the mom-to-be on Mother's Day.

    Want this one? It's called "The Ultimate Pregnancy Journal" by Alex. A Lluch. Get it on Amazon, $18.45

  • Belly Cast Kit 12 of 16

    It's one of those things you can only do during pregnancy and the kit to get it done would make a great Mother's Day gift.

    Want this one? Get it from PearHead on ToysRUs, $19.99

  • Maternity Photo Shoot 13 of 16

    A maternity photo shoot for the mom-to-be in your life would make an amazing Mother's Day gift. They don't run cheap so even covering part of the cost, or going in with a group of people -- it would be a gift that would last forever.

    Photo credit: photostock

  • Prenatal Massage 14 of 16

    Pregnancy brings with it a lot of aches and pains. Treat the mom-t0-be in your life with a day of relaxation from a prenatal massage.

    Photo credit: photostock

  • Take Her Shopping 15 of 16

    Maternity clothes are cheap and sometimes a mom-t0-be can feel a little bad about needing a whole new wardrobe  Treat her on Mother's Day to a shopping spree so she can get some comfortable, well-fitting maternity clothes.

    Photo credit: photostock

  • Go On a Mini-Vacation 16 of 16

    Every mom-to-be deserves (and needs) a little time away. Why not plan and book a small weekend getaway before baby arrives. It's perfect to gift on Mother's Day.

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