15 of My Favorite Shoes For Little Baby Feet

Why are shoes so much cuter when they're in miniature form?

I love all things fashion.  I regularly do outfit posts over at my blog The Little Things We Do and I may or may not already have plans to do outfit posts of my wee baby girl when she arrives.  Truth be told I’m pretty excited about having a buddy to play dress-up with.

The best part of playing dress-up is hands down the shoes, and shoes in miniature form are even better.  Why is everything so adorable when it’s small?

I have no idea, but I just spent an inordinate amount of time perusing the interweb and taking in all the miniature cuteness.  I’m hoping I can actually convince my husband to let me buy a few of these, although it’s pretty doubtful since he’s far more practical than I am.  I’m sure his response would be something along the lines of, “Why do you need baby shoes!?!  She won’t even be able to walk yet!”  Maybe the cuteness of these shoes will win him over.  Enjoy these little shoes after the jump!

  • Infant Desert Booties 1 of 15
    Infant Desert Booties
    These sweet little booties are the perfect rugged accent to balance the overly sweet baby attire that you'll undoubtedly be gifted in surplus.
  • Knit Baby Booties with Leather Laces 2 of 15
    Knit Baby Booties with Leather Laces
    Comfort plus style, brought to you by another talented Etsy creator. I love the leather lace detail.
  • Filament Fluor Leather Bootees 3 of 15
    Filament Fluor Leather Bootees
    Shiny gold oxford booties are the height of baby chic.
  • Zara Nubuck Mary Jane Style Booties 4 of 15
    Zara Nubuck Mary Jane Style Booties
    Even little baby feet deserve unexpected fun details like the lace-up ankle on these adorable little shoes.
  • Polka Dot Booties 5 of 15
    Polka Dot Booties
    I'm a complete sucker for polka dots and when they're in miniature like these little lace-ups it's all the better.
  • Tiny TOMS 6 of 15
    Tiny TOMS
    Your little one can start giving back from the start with these tiny TOMS and look cute while doing it.
  • Old Navy Ballet Slippers 7 of 15
    Old Navy Ballet Slippers
    Little black ballet slippers are a must-have for all little girls and at a price like this who can resist?
  • Robeez Fancy Pants Moccasins 8 of 15
    Robeez Fancy Pants Moccasins
    Every baby needs a cute pair of moccasins in their shoe wardrobe and the silver metallic sheen of these ones gives them a fun twist.
  • Sperry Top-Sider Crib Shoes 9 of 15
    Sperry Top-Sider Crib Shoes
    Sperry Top-Siders are classic baby prep in the most perfect pale shade of pink.
  • Converse Chuck Taylor Low Tops 10 of 15
    Converse Chuck Taylor Low Tops
    All babies should own a pair of classic Chuck Taylors and you can't get more classic than basic black.
  • Chambray Vans Lace-Ups 11 of 15
    Chambray Vans Lace-Ups
    Chambray lace-up Vans tennies: baby's first skate shoe.
  • Native Kid Shoes Miller 12 of 15
    Native Kid Shoes Miller
    These shoes would add a fun pop of color to any little outfit and on top of that they're breathable and easy to slip on. They're the perfect stylish alternative to ugly Crocs.
  • Salt Water Sweetheart Sandals 13 of 15
    Salt Water Sweetheart Sandals
    I'm pretty sure I had these sandals as a kid, but nostalgia aside, I still love them and would love to see them on my little one's feet.
  • Vans Kids 106 Moc 14 of 15
    Vans Kids 106 Moc
    These Vans are sturdy and stylish and perfectly gender neutral. Love them.
  • Little Wool Shoes in Dandelion 15 of 15
    Little Wool Shoes in Dandelion
    These little cloth maryjanes are supremely girly, but I'm completely smitten with them. Perhaps finding out I'm having a girl is helping me get in touch with my inner-frilly side.



#1:  Infant Desert Booties

#2:  Knit Baby Booties with Leather Laces

#3:  Filament Fluor Leather Bootees

#4:  Zara Nubuck Mary Jane Style Booties

#5:  Polka Dot Booties

#6:  Tiny TOMS

#7:  Old Navy Ballet Slippers

#8:  Robeez Fancy Pants Moccasins

#9:  Sperry Top-Sider Crib Shoes

#10: Converse Chuck Taylor Low Tops

#11: Chambray Vans Lace-Ups

#12: Native Kid Shoes Miller

#13: Salt Water Sweetheart Sandals

#14: Vans Kids 106 Moc

#15: Little Wool Shoes in Dandelion

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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