15 of the Most Inspiring Adoption Bloggers

Lauren Casper: Traded Dreams

Finishing up our homestudy paperwork the other night, I suddenly realized I didn’t know about many adoption bloggers. And with a homestudy done, I wanted to know more about what happened after all of this – to other adoptive parents.

What do parents do during the wait of a child referral to them? Do most people have the same questions and fears that we do? How do they write on this process? What obstacles do they face along the way?

So on Facebook, I posted a question.

And some of you told me your can’t-live-without favorites. I went through them all, looking for ones that had a clear adoption story – and all of them were incredible. There are some heart wrenching, beautiful, and inspiring stories out there. From domestic to international, stories of loss and infertility, patience and determination – bust out the tissues before you click on their stories.

I know I didn’t even make a dent in the ones out there – and I’m sure I missed ones even I know about. But these 15 are ones I’m reading right now. I’d love to know about who you love (and why!) in the comments below – maybe I’ll do a “Round 2” in the future.

So here they are, click through to read the 15 of the Most Inspiring Adoption Bloggers and why I love them:

  • Dreaming Big Dreams 1 of 15
    Dreaming Big Dreams
    Adopting 3 children both domestically and internationally, and having her own biological son, this faith filled, beautiful blog is filled with pages of the journeys to bring their children home. I love how Jamie's happiness and enthusiasm shines through about adoption and family.
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  • A Punk, a Pumpkin, and a Peanut 2 of 15
    A Punk, a Pumpkin, and a Peanut
    I love the story of Carina's adoption with a surprise pregnancy. They have two biological, one adopted, and another adoption in progress. Talk about an interesting story!
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  • Lauren Casper: Traded Dreams 3 of 15
    Lauren Casper: Traded Dreams
    I bawled my eyes out while watching the video of their adoption process from Ethiopia. This is a gorgeous blog and their journey to bring their son home - through medical issues and a uncertain wait time, is inspiring.
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  • Minus 1 Project 4 of 15
    Minus 1 Project
    The story written by a mom of 5, with 2 adopted children. They recently brought their son, Carson, home from S, Korea and it's an amazing story.
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  • It’s Almost Naptime! 5 of 15
    It's Almost Naptime!
    This family of 6 is waiting and waiting for their little girl to be able to come home from Ethiopia. Changes in both the country and their agency have slowed things to a near halt. Reading her honesty on "rescuing" a child is so touching and real - I fell in love with their blog right away.
    Visit It's Almost Naptime!
  • Mary Beth Chapman 6 of 15
    Mary Beth Chapman
    This woman has greatly touched both my, my mom's, and my aunt's life by her book "Choosing to See." After adopting 3 daughters, one was accidentally killed when she was struck by an SUV in the Chapman's driveway in 2008. Her story of faith, anger, and coping is truly amazing.
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  • Stepping Stones 7 of 15
    Stepping Stones
    The sister in law of Kate from the blog Sluiter Nation, their blog leaves me in tears with the story of how they adopted twin boys from Ethiopia. It's amazing to read their joinery and the call that changed their lives. She now shares about their life with the boys home.
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  • Still Miraculously Our Own 8 of 15
    Still Miraculously Our Own
    Having adopted one little girl, this family of three is now hoping and praying for their second. Their adorable daughter is so fun to know about, and following one of their adoptions beginning to (hopefully quick!) end will be inspiring.
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  • The Smith Family Story 9 of 15
    The Smith Family Story
    After her son Levi was stillborn, this amazing mom of 2 sons here on earth decided to open their home to foster adopt. Her strength and courage gives me hope for my own hard days in the grief process. She is truly an inspiration.
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  • Bumber’s Bumblings 10 of 15
    Bumber's Bumblings
    After years of infertility, Amber and her husband chose to adopt, and the story that comes with it is amazing. Their son's birth mother is an intricate, welcome part of their life. It's a really special read about how an open adoption really can be something beautiful.
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  • The Cook Commentary 11 of 15
    The Cook Commentary
    This family adopted two brothers from Ethiopia and documented it along the way. Now they are adopting a little girl from S. Korea, starting from the beginning and talking about how their sons reacted, their own thoughts on choosing a different country, and timeline. I love her honesty and frankness about adoption and choices.
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  • Adoption Creates Families 12 of 15
    Adoption Creates Families
    In the process of adopting their fifth child who is 15, Laurie's outlook on her infertility is incredible. She sees it as the path that led her to life as a mom to five. Reading how she adores her kids warms your heart.
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  • Finding Magnolia 13 of 15
    Finding Magnolia
    My fellow Babbler here. 🙂 Mary blogs on bringing home her second adopted daughter from Ethiopia with special needs. She also has the journey with her first daughter here. She is an amazing woman and one of the biggest inspirations in our adoption process.
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  • Rage Against the Minivan 14 of 15
    Rage Against the Minivan
    How have I never read this lady? Witty, frank, and honest, she blogs on her adoptions and all the questions that come with it. I honestly spent WAY too much time on her blog last night clicking on post after post. Good, good stuff.
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  • Our Adoption Story 15 of 15
    Our Adoption Story
    Ok, not a blog. This girl will probably never even know about me. But her adoption from Korea was something I found online one night just a few days after losing my twins, and I cried through the entire thing. Her joy and hope through the entire video makes the long wait time so worth it. Both Sam and I watched it and felt our hearts once again be pulled into this amazing life.
    Visit Our Adoption Story: Vimeo

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