15 Pregnancy Must-Haves: What’s On Your List?

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When it came to my pregnancy, I was pretty low maintenance — avoiding anything that was “maternity” for as long as possible. But even I would admit that there were several must-haves that I couldn’t live without:

1. A Body Pillow

Oh dear lord how would I have lived without my body pillow? There are a ton of fancy shmancy maternity pillows on the market, but my regular old body pillow worked wonders. My husband referred to it as “the third person” in bed with us.

2. A good maternity bra

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If there’s ever a time to invest in a supportive, well-fitting bra, it’s during your pregnancy. Your extra-heavy, extra-large pregnancy breasts need the kind of support that flimsy fashion bras can’t handle — and getting professionally sized is always a good idea too. While there certainly are sexy maternity bras on the market (like the HOTMilk one, above), it’s more important to be comfortable than anything. See our favorite maternity bras here.

3. Good maternity jeans

I had the hardest time finding maternity jeans during my pregnancy and I ended up extending my pre-pregnancy jeans throughout my entire pregnancy. But the one pair of “good” maternity jeans I invested in were my absolute favorite go-to wardrobe staple. Not only did they look stylish with any top I managed to get my belly into, but the supportive stretchy belly band was such a relief from the typical jean waistbands.

4. Belly lotion

This wasn’t for the stretch mark prevention — because that was a bust — but my stretched skin was so unbearably itchy without some sort of lotion or oil. See our favorite belly lotions here.

5. Safe Beauty Products

Since I worked in the beauty closet of a Conde Nast magazine in my pre-pregnant life, I had a slew of beauty goods that were either unsafe or “questionable” during my pregnancy. Read the beauty scoop here.

See all 15 of our pregnancy must-haves — from prenatal vitamins to childbirth books.

What’s on your must-have list?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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