15 Reasons To Exercise NOW

Exercise. It’s a love-hate relationship. Some live for it and well, some just can’t stand it. And if you’re pregnant, it’s just a must. Exercise during pregnancy is one of the best things you can do for yourself. From pre-tem labor to preparing for that grand finale – it helps and works wonders in so many ways. I know, the last thing you want to do at 8 months pregnant is get in a bathing suit feeling like a beached whale and go for a swim. Well, that is usually what I am thinking, to say the least. But it really is just as important as taking your prenatal vitamins. Wanna know why? Read on and thank me later, after your super-smooth delivery!

Below, find the best moves with a bump and just what exercises you should be doing during pregnancy!

  • Less Likely to Gain Weight 1 of 15
    Less Likely to Gain Weight
    Research shows that you will put on less weight than pregnant women who don't work out.
    Read the details on Modern Medicine
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  • Forget Forcepts 2 of 15
    Forget Forcepts
    Some facts for you: Regular excercisers are 75% less likely to need a forecepts delivery, 55% less likely to have an episiotomy and 4X less likely to have a C-Section. That's enough inspiration right there!
    Read the details on Birth Faith
  • Hello, Beautiful. 3 of 15
    Hello, Beautiful.
    Excercise will enhance that pregnancy glow as it increases blood flow to your skin! Being fit shows!
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  • Labor, Easier? 4 of 15
    Labor, Easier?
    Of course, it's not definite but if your fit, you can give a little more during the pushing stage and are less likely to tire out. One study found that pregnant women who exercise were less likely to request pain meds during labor.
    Read the details on NY Times
  • No Swelling Here 5 of 15
    No Swelling Here
    Your body retains tons of fluid during pregnancy, when you exercise it improves blood flow and can reduce swelling, sometimes eliminating it all.
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  • Low-Impact Aerobics 6 of 15
    Low-Impact Aerobics
    If you are just begining, you should find a low-impact aerobics class with a certified teacher. It's a great way to tone your body, as well as keeping your lungs and heart strong.
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  • Happy Mom 7 of 15
    Happy Mom
    Everyone knows excercise boost endorphins and puts you in a better mood - you will get that prenatal "high".
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  • Just Keep Swimming 8 of 15
    Just Keep Swimming
    It's one of the best ways to exercise during pregnant and hey, it makes you feel much lighter than you are!
    Image via March of Dimes
  • All About You 9 of 15
    All About You
    Private time spent doing yoga or on a jog may be the last minutes you have all ALONE.
    Image via Expectant Mother
  • No Counting Sheep 10 of 15
    No Counting Sheep
    Most pregnant women who excercise fall asleep faster and slumber nice and smooth. No tossing and turning here!
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  • More Energy 11 of 15
    More Energy
    On days when you just feel absolutely exhausted, even a 15-minute walk can help. Walking is the one excercises you can do until your water breaks.
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  • Weight Training 12 of 15
    Weight Training
    Strength training is the best way to stayed toned before delivery. However, you should avoid any excercises that avoid laying on your back and heavy weights.
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  • Forget Crying Over Your Back Pain! 13 of 15
    Forget Crying Over Your Back Pain!
    Many women who experience back pain go to water workouts, pelvic tilts and yoga - they all offer great relief for your aching back.
    Learn about Pelvic Tilts from a Babble blogger.
    Image via Forever She
  • Cycling 14 of 15
    Each case if different but stationary bikes are safe even if you've never exercised before. Spinning is a great way to boost your heart rate too. Best part? Lean on the handle-bars for comfort.
    Image via Hello Beautiful
  • Yoga Heals 15 of 15
    Yoga Heals
    Stressed out? Want to stay calm? Prenatal yoga has emphasis on mediation and breathing - all things to help with a less tense labor.
    Image via Well + Good NYC

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