15 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Had Children

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4 Littles later, I am a little behind on writing this.Better late then never, right? I get one question all the time: How do you do it? Well, sometimes I ask myself the same thing. But, I do it – every day, every minute. Having children is hard work, and as much as I love every single second, it is exhausting and scary. So many friends of mine feel faint even thinking about having a kid.

Just this week, I got an email from the lovely super-mom herself, Pam of Project Nursery. She said, “Congrats on #5. That’s amazing – my hat goes off to you sister. I’m tapped out at 3.” Well Pam, I thought I was tapped out at #2 but then came #3 and #4 and you just somehow do it. Not to mention I haven’t even been through the teenage years, so I know I am in for a wild ride. But for those who are expecting their first or well on their way to conceiving, here is some advice for you: 15 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Had Children.

1. You forget. You make mistakes and being a control freak is all out the window. But remember, it’s okay. You’re only human.

2. Sleep? You can say good-bye. Lucky for me, all of my girls have slept all night from day one. So why didn’t I sleep? Because I stayed up until 3am doing everything I couldn’t do while I was taking care of them.

3. Forget watching E! or catching up on HGTV all day. Say good-bye to All My Children and hello to Yo Gabba Gabba. Invest in a DVR because the only time you will watch TV is late at night, and by that point you may be catching up on a whole season.

4. Mommy brain. This goes with forgetting. You don’t remember much, sometimes not a thing, but don’t worry – it happens to almost everyone.

5. Instinct. You automatically will have to trust yourself. Your “gut” will make a lot of decisions. Your natural maternal instincts are what you will always turn to.

6. Don’t argue over clothes. Forget looking like a cookie cutter family. When your 4 year old picks out a crazy costume to wear for a family outing, don’t fight it; you won’t win this battle.

7. Don’t wear white. You will be a human napkin. At the end of the day, you will have a stained shirt. Invest in a Tide stick.

8. Stretch marks are so not fun. I will never forget the first time I saw a stretch mark. I cried. Invest in a good cream, and remember: they are just a reminder of your bundle of joy.

9. There is always THE END. With children, there are many stages. From sleep deprivation to potty training and everything in between, you can get through–it always comes to an end.

10. Take care of YOU! If that means locking yourself in the bathroom for 5 minutes so you can have some peace or getting a manicure, just take some time for you because your Littles need a Mom! You won’t believe this, but even my husband sits just to go pee. Any chance you get, you will be taking that quiet time.

11. Never-ending laundry. Especially with a baby, you will never get caught up. Unless you have a nanny or a laundry service, you can forget it.

12. They really do grow up fast. It feel like it was just yesterday I had my 9 year old. I remember every momemt of that pregnancy, and boy have those 9 years flown by. Enjoy every moment with your children.

13. Listen. My 3rd grader comes home with never-ending stories all the time, and my 4 year old gabs on for hours, but I always listen. If they know you always listen, they will continue to talk to you. This is a great thing for those teenage years.

14. LOVE! When your child hugs you and says I love you, there is no feeling like it. Yes, you love your husband but the feeling for your child is a feeling like no other. At the end of day, they will always love you.

15. It’s okay to jump up and down with joy when you take a trip to Target alone. It’s okay to smile and take in that moment. And broswe the aisles just a little longer.

I could probably go on for days but this about sums up my thoughts! What tips or advice do you have for surviving motherhood?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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