16 and Pregnant: Jamie – It's a Girl!

16 and Pregnant Jamie and Baby Mia
16 and Pregnant Jamie and Baby Mia

MTV’s 16 and Pregnant has done it again. Made me cry for another clueless pregnant teen.

16 and Pregnant Recap: Jamie

In episode 3 of Season 3 of 16 and Pregnant we meet Jamie and Ryan. 2 teens expecting a baby, clueless as to what the future holds. 

Jamie is a half way thru her senior year, living with her single mom in Ashville, NC. Her father left when she was young. The difficulty and pain Jamie feels because of  her father’s departure is shown thru the episode. She wants her baby to have a father figure in her life and is hoping her baby daddy will live up to that role.

The baby daddy is Ryan. He has recently lost his license due to a DWI. WINNER!

Jamie and Ryan were ZERO birth control when she got pregnant. (Teenagers, take not – actually anyone not ready for a baby, take note).

16 and Pregnant Baby Daddy Ryan and Baby Mia
16 and Pregnant Baby Daddy Ryan and Baby Mia

Jamie struggles with her mother’s dislike of Ryan. Ryan tells Jamie he loves her. He talks big talk about how excited he is about the baby. But is what he is ready for? Is he ready to stop partying and own up to being a father?  Ryan continually talks about how he plans to be apart of his child’s life.

Jamie goes into labor. After numerous attempts to call Ryan, she can’t get ahold of him. He shows up to the hospital hours into her labor and appears to have been partying all night. He makes up a lame excuse about waiting for a call – but Jamie isn’t buying it.

As labor progresses the doctor decides its best to deliver the baby with the help of forceps. It’s a girl! Little Mia is born. Jamie takes on the role of a mom like a natural. She starts to recognize that Ryan may not be there for Mia and her in the long run.

After returning home, Jamie takes up breastfeeding. Ryan finally makes an attempt to see the baby. He is insistent on taking the baby home with him. Jamie refuses. Their relationship turns sour and Ryan only calls to see when he can take the baby. He accuses Jamie of withholding the baby from him.

Jamie returns to school to finish her senior year. The high school has an on-site daycare which allows her to free child care! She finds out that Ryan has a new girlfriend and was cheating on her. This only spurs her hatred toward him.

At the end of the episode, Ryan makes partial attempts to be a part of the baby’s life. Jamie takes responsibility for the baby and realizes that she is in this by herself.

Again, another tear jerker of an episode where a clueless teen makes stupid decisions (no birth control, REALLY?) and gets pregnant. The pregnancy results in 2 hard lives in addition to the families supporting them. Image source:

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