16 and Pregnant: Jennifer – It's Twins!

16 and pregnant featuring jennifer
16 and Pregnant Recap Featuring Jennifer & Josh

I’ve watched episode after episode of 16 and Pregnant – and have to say – episode 2 of season 3 of 16 and Pregnant has had me in tears more than any other. Not because of child birth (I cry anytime I watch a baby is born). I cried because this episode shows exactly why teens or anyone unprepared and too immature for parenthood shouldn’t have kids, or at least should strongly consider adoption.

Recap: 16 and Pregnant – Season 3 : Episode 2 – Jennifer and Josh – TWINS!

Jennifer was a freshman in high school when she finds out she is pregnant with TWIN boys. The baby daddy is her then boyfriend Josh.

These two teens have unprotected sex. They conceive a child – err – make that TWO children. The excuse, she didn’t know much about birth control. He says he didn’t have money – and confesses on the show he thought it would be awkward going in and buying condoms.

Throughout the episode, the struggle and hatred between Josh and Jennifer’s parents is featured. Jennifer’s parents don’t like the fact that the baby is going to have Josh’s last name. Josh is wanting Jennifer to choose between him and her parents. Jennifer’s parents struggle with the idea of Josh, so much so they skip out on the baby shower thrown by her Josh’s parents.

Jennifer struggles fitting in and dealing with being the “pregnant girl” at school. Apparently being 16 and pregnant isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be.

The show continues showing Josh taking Jennifer out to celebrate their 1-year anniversary. Josh surprises Jennifer with a box, containing – yes, you guessed it a ring. He proposes. She says “yes”, and her parents die a little inside.

Jennifer and Josh have their baby via a scheduled c-section. Welcome to the world sweet innocent Noah and Joshua Jr.  While Jennifer’s parents and Josh make it thru the hospital – the turmoil continues after their delivery.

Jennifer wants Josh to move in. Her parents let him so he can help with the babies. Despite Jennifer having a tough time recovering from her c-section, Josh can’t stand living under the same roof as her parents. He disappears for a week. Jennifer’s parents help care for the babies in Josh’s absence.

16 and pregnant with twins
16 and Pregnant - Twins Noah and Josh

This is the point at which the 16 and Pregnant show is taken to a complete new level of disturbing.

The couple decide to talk, which creates the show climax.  Josh picks up Jennifer to take her and the babies to his house. On the ride, a verbal fight escalates. The babies are in tow, i’s raining, and Josh starts driving crazy and bullying Jennifer. Jennifer snaps back. Josh kicks Jennifer out of the car and speeds off with the kids in tow. Jennifer calls her mom to pick her up. In the mean time Josh returns into which they both get into a physical altercation resulting in Jennifer calling the police.

Jennifer’s mom and the police arrive. Josh is arrested.

This episode of 16 and Pregnant ends with Josh calling Jennifer over and over and Jennifer not answering. She SAYS she is going to cut him out of her life.

Cut to the “After the Show” episode where MTV catches up with Jennifer, the 16 and Pregnant star. She admits that her and Josh are now trying to figure things out.

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Rant: Sad! These sweet babies are so cute and innocent. With so many great couples wanting to adopt, it saddens me that this option isn’t explored more and that what’s best for the babies isn’t examined, but rather than the selfishness of teen parents not knowing what is is store.

Watch the full episode of 16 and Pregnant, season 3 – episode 2 featuring Jennifer and Josh.

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