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MTV's 16 and Pregnant Kicks Off Season 3 With Jordan, Brian & The Birth of Baby Noah

Are you watching the newest season of 16 and Pregnant?  MTV kicked off season 3 this week (read the recap below).

Confession: When I first heard about 16 and Pregnant, I was APPALLED.

Why would MTV now be exploiting teen pregnancy?  While stuck at home on maternity leave last Summer, flipping channels, I watched and rethought every prejudement I had. Now, I’m a 16 and Pregnant junkie.

The stress, complications and reality of being pregnant isn’t something that teens are customary to seeing. This show brings the reality of teen pregnancy smack into the mainstream. While some say that this show could be encouraging teens to become pregnant for fame – there is another side to this. There are teens seeing for the first time, what it exactly means to get “knocked up”.  It’s way more than a positive pregnancy test, a pregnant belly and then a baby. It’s a responsibility.

Check out the first episode online viewable below my recap — after the jump.

Recap of Episode 1 – Season 3 – 16 and Pregnant: Jordan

Season 3 of 16 and Pregnant launches with the introduction of Jordan. Jordan is a fun, former teen model. She lives in St. Louis, MO with her grandparents and identical twin sister Jessica. Their grandparents adopted the twins when they were 9 after their parents divorced. Both are currently studying for their G.E.D.

Jordan and her twin sister Jessica are extremely clsoe. They are best friends who have experienced every bit of life together. Between the boyfriend and now a soon-to-be baby, the struggles of jealousy are apparent despite their sister bond.

The baby daddy Brian is Jordan’s boyfriend. Jordan was on the pill, but not long enough for it to work before she gets pregnant. The love and care for each Jordan and Brian is obvious. So is Brian’s dislike for Jessica.

Jordan at a doctor appointment with twin sister Jessica and baby daddy Brian
Jordan at a Doctor Appointment with Twin Sister Jessica and Baby Daddy Brian

Jordan’s Grandma allows Brian to move into her house to help raise the baby. The situation with Jordan’s boyfriend moving in only escalates the tension between Jordan and Jessica. While Jordan and Brian are close, Brian and her twin sister Jessica, are not. There is constant jealousy and bickering, from who spends more time with who – to who will get to be in the delivery room when the baby is born.

Fortunately, Jordan’s pregnancy is without complications. Jordan continues to 39 weeks before going into labor naturally. Jordan, Brian and Jessica are all in the delivery room as the baby is born. Baby Noah safely arrives and bonding with the baby proves to be a jealousy issue for Jessica. Between breast feeding and learning how to care for a baby, stress is high. To add more complications to the matter, Noah suffers nearly 6 weeks of non-stop crying. It turns out he was suffering from severe acid reflux. After a trip to the hospital, formula change and medication, things get better – Jordan and Brian get a less fussy baby.

The typical struggle of new parents ensues. Brian starts college and goes back to work. Jordan and Jessica work out their issues and find the sisterly love that’s been with them since conception.

Jordan confesses to her stuggles and misconceptions with having a child. Also how pregnancy, her body changing and dealing with the issues between Jessica and Brian resulted in the most stressful 9 months of her life.

Jordan’s situation is also a perfect example of how even using birth control isn’t entirely effective. Despite taking precautions and going on the pill, Jordan still got pregnant because she hadn’t taken it long enough (about 2 months) for all the hormones to settle in. With typical use, 8 people in 100 will become pregnant in one year on the pill. With PERFECT use, less than 1 person in 100 will become pregnant. After giving birth, Jordan planned to go back on the pill, only this time to do it exactly right. {source: – act blog}

Best wishes Jordan and Brian – welcome to the world Noah.

Watch 16 and Pregnant – Episode 1, Season 3:

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