16 Moments of Pregnancy That Will Stay With Me Forever

I am sitting in this stressful two week wait, wondering if the 14th month of trying to conceive worked for us. (It’s my 6th medicated cycle.) I have a strong feeling that it won’t be too long for us now.

I think a lot about pregnancy; about what I am missing, how things will be different around here with a new baby, and what I can’t wait to experience again. There are some moments in life you just won’t ever forget — some good and some bad. When it comes to pregnancy, there are many memorable moments I will always remember.

  • Memorable Moments in Pregnancy 1 of 17
    Memorable Moments in Pregnancy
    As I wait to get pregnant again, these moments will stick with me forever.
  • First Positive Test 2 of 17
    First Positive Test
    I remember it like it was yesterday. I was at work and it was 5am and I was in shock.
  • My First Miscarraige 3 of 17
    My First Miscarraige
    I remember all of my losses, but that first one really shatters a lot of your spirit and innocence.
  • The First Ultrasound 4 of 17
    The First Ultrasound
    It was not really easy to make out, but I will always remember that heart beat flutter.
  • The First Time I Puked 5 of 17
    The First Time I Puked
    I remember thinking, "oh what typical pregnant thing to do". It stuck with me for longer than I hoped, but it was an interesting ride.
  • Telling Family and Friends 6 of 17
    Telling Family and Friends
    It was so fun to see their reaction to the news and celebrate with us.
  • My First Craving 7 of 17
    My First Craving
    If you've had a pregnancy craving, you'll understand why this is memorable. I was shocked with the need for orange juice. It was powerful.
  • First Sign of a Bump 8 of 17
    First Sign of a Bump
    I show relatively early, but when I really started to see that bump take shape, it was a fun experience.
  • Switching to Maternity Pants 9 of 17
    Switching to Maternity Pants
    It happened sooner than I thought it would and wearing those big bands for the first time is memorable.
  • The First Movement 10 of 17
    The First Movement
    I can't even explain it -- it's just completely wild and amazing.
  • Husband Feeling Baby Move 11 of 17
    Husband Feeling Baby Move
    The look on his eye as he felt a little pop from my stomach -- amazing.
  • Baby’s First Hiccups 12 of 17
    Baby's First Hiccups
    It's such a strange and weird feeling and my babies got them often. Rhythmic weirdness.
  • The 20 Week Ultrasound 13 of 17
    The 20 Week Ultrasound
    It was incredible to see how much the baby had grown from 7 weeks to 20 weeks and watching the baby move was amazing.
  • My First Hospital Admittance 14 of 17
    My First Hospital Admittance
    Kidney stones have plagued my pregnancies (totaling 24 stones passed), but the first time I was admitted for over a week for stones, was memorable.
  • First Braxon Hicks 15 of 17
    First Braxon Hicks
    The amount of times I wondered if "this was it" thanks to braxton hicks was funny. I had no idea what real labor would feel like.
  • Realizing It’s GO TIME 16 of 17
    Realizing It's GO TIME
    I only was able to go into natural labor for my first child, but I will always remember wondering if this is it and then totally realizing it is.
  • Seeing Baby Face-to-Face 17 of 17
    Seeing Baby Face-to-Face
    It was incredible, amazing and there are no words. I will always remember that first moment.

Photo credits: istockphoto; © Devan McGuinness

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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