16 Reasons You’ll Miss Being Pregnant

This is my final run. I decided we were done at 4, so I wasn’t exactly prepared when I found out about number 5! However, it is now coming to me that this will be my very last pregnancy…ever. While I don’t always have the best pregnancies in the world, thanks to pre-term labor and bed rest, I still really will miss it at times. Forget being able to doze off at 8pm just because, eating ice cream at any time of the day and constant shopping. Of course, the reward to being pregnant is one-of-a-kind, but somedays, you’ll really miss being pregnant!

And here’s why — 16 Reasons You’ll Miss Being Pregnant:

  • Missin’ The Glow 1 of 16
    Missin' The Glow
    The fact that it looks like you always have blush on thanks to the pregnancy glow will disappear into to dark under eye circles.
    Image via Daily Glow
  • Baby Blues 2 of 16
    Baby Blues
    You seriously will miss your maternity jeans. When you try and get back into your skinny jeans - you'll realize how comfy the big old panel really was.
    Image via A Pea in the Pod
  • Baby Kicks 3 of 16
    Baby Kicks
    The baby kicks and hiccups reminding you "I'm here!"
    Image via Pinterest
  • Cravings 4 of 16
    You won't be able to send your husband out for late-night cravings so take advantage now.
    Image via Julie Harris Photography
  • Shopping for Baby 5 of 16
    Shopping for Baby
    The never-ending shopping is so much fun while you wait for your little one to arrive.
    Image via Pinterest
  • Always With You 6 of 16
    Always With You
    With a little one growing inside, your never alone.
    Image via Delia Creates
  • I’m Pregnant and I Know It 7 of 16
    I'm Pregnant and I Know It
    It doesn't matter if your clothes fit, your pregnant!
    Image via kelly Hicks Designs
  • Pretty Hair 8 of 16
    Pretty Hair
    Did your nails grow and is your hair thicker then ever before? That's something you will surely miss.
    Image via Northwest Nightingale
  • Center of Attention 9 of 16
    Center of Attention
    No more center of attention. During pregnancy, it's all about you.
    Image via Pinterest
  • Anytime Naps 10 of 16
    Anytime Naps
    There is no excuse to sneak off for a 20 minute nap.
    Image via Nik Starr Blog
  • Common Courtesy 11 of 16
    Common Courtesy
    Strangers won't hold the door for you anymore or lend an extra hand.
    Image via Dear Crissy
  • No Being Guilt Free 12 of 16
    No Being Guilt Free
    Forget shoving your face and not feeling guilty. As soon as baby arrives, you'll be back to counting calories.
    Image via Science Photo
  • No Need for These 13 of 16
    No Need for These
    Aunt Sally never comes to visit and it's so fun to walk past the feminine isle.
    Image via Amazon
  • But….. 14 of 16
    You can't use the "But, I'm pregnant" as an excuse anymore.
    Image via Kidlantis
  • Put Your Feet Up 15 of 16
    Put Your Feet Up
    No more retaining fluids which means no more putting your feet up.
    Image via Outside Mom
  • Grow Baby, Grow! 16 of 16
    Grow Baby, Grow!
    Watching your belly grow really is fun.
    Image via Rebekah Westover Photography

What do you love about being pregnant?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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