14 Baby Names Inspired By Cocktails

Image Source: Thinkstock
Image Source: Thinkstock

Phew, choosing a baby name can be an overwhelming task.

After all, there are just so many things to consider! For example, what if your kid hates his name? What if you absentmindedly pick a name that can be transformed into a cruel nickname — that prompts his peers to make fun of him? What if other people simply don’t like it?

Despite these hurdles, I believe if you and your partner love a name, you should go for it.

Although I’m almost positive we’re set on a name for our latest little one, I still enjoy browsing new ideas. I’m particularly big on unique names, and I can often draw inspiration from unexpected places — say, from cocktails, for instance.

Believe it or not, from liquor and Champagne, to wine and beer, there are tons of drinks you can make into a fun, quirky or otherwise trendy name for your little one! Don’t get the association just yet? Wait until you get a taste of the roundup I’ve got in store.

Here are 14 cocktail-inspired names for your little boy or girl!

  1. Cristal-

A famous Champagne brand and a slight twist on the more commonly spelled “Crystal,” Cristal packs a bunch of flair and can make for a trendy name for your little girl. Cristal’s popularity peaked in the 1990s, when 130 out of 1 million babies were given this name, according to The Baby Name Wizard.

  1. Jim-

Inspired by the liquor brand Jim Beam, this name can provide a classic choice for your baby boy! Not a fan of the one-syllable moniker? Name him James, and call him Jim for short. The name’s popularity has waned in recent years, according to BabyCenter. Now’s just the time for a comeback.

3. Jack-

Inspired by the classic liquor brand Jack Daniels, this common moniker is sure to suit your sweet little boy. Jack ranks 6th most popular among baby boy names for 2013, according to BabyCenter.

4. Daniel-

The other half of Jack Daniels, this is another boy’s name that’s classic, sweet, and perfect as is. Avoid those farfetched titles popular among celebs, and stick with something simple. Daniel was the 11th most popular boy name in 2012, and its popularity seems to be declining, according to BabyCenter.

5. Grey-

If you’re looking for a unique name and love a glass of Grey Goose, why not name your bundle of joy after this brand? It can be used for a boy or a girl, and with the popularity of the novel Fifty Shades of Grey, your babe may be in high demand.

6. Hennessy-

Like a good, classic cognac? Why not name your little guy after one? It’d be a perfect fit for girls or boys.

7. Molson-

Molson is sure to make for a strong name for your little one. It also happens to be inspired by the beer Molson Canadian — another reason to love the moniker! (Can you tell I’m Canadian?) Molson is also a traditional last name for people, and that’s a good trend I love to see.

8. Skyy-

If you’re a big fan of the hipster names that are close to nature, this one is a great choice. Turns out, it can also be inspired by the popular vodka brand Skyy. I think it would also make a great unisex name if you’re thinking about it for a girl!

9. Dom-

Inspired by the world-famous champagne Dom Pérignon, this name is short but sweet. Why not name your little one Dominick and call him Dom for short? Genius.

10. Caesar-

Who doesn’t love the Caesar cocktail once in a while? Not only is it a historical name of a powerful leader and, well, the name of a scrumptious, very popular salad, but it is also a good choice for your modern baby boy. (There’s always the very popular dog trainer Cesar Millan to look up to as well!)

11. Margarita-

On a hot summer day, there’s nothing better than a cold glass of the world-class Mexican cocktail margarita. It also happens to be a great girl name and if you’re a big fan of the cocktail! With summer en route or already here, it’s the perfect fit for your little gal.

12. Sherry-

A fortified wine but also a great name for your baby girl, Sherry is a feminine, classic name that’d be a perfect fit for your little girl.

13. Chardonnay-

A nice glass of chardonnay can make any day brighter — so why not spread the light and name your baby girl after the drink?

14. Vin-

If you’re looking for French-inspired names and also happen to be a big fan of wine, Vin (which is French for wine) can make a simple yet outstanding name choice. Like the name Vincent? Pick it, and call your little guy Vin for short. Clever, no?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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