18 Pregnancy Inspired Jewelry Pieces

There are so many unique ways to show off your pregnancy for the world to know.  With maternity fashion continuing to blossom and flatter a pregnant woman’s growing belly, it is only natural for us to want to show it off.

Maternity clothes don’t have to be the only way to show off your belly.  Show the world that you are expecting a little bundle of joy with jewelry that was inspired by pregnancy.  

Here are 18 pregnancy inspired jewelry pieces.

  • Pregnant Woman in Clay 1 of 18
    Pregnant Woman in Clay
    This hand-made clay pendant embraces the unique and beautiful way a woman's body changes during pregnancy.
    Bonnie Alvarez Birth Designs
  • Esperanza of Birth Necklace 2 of 18
    Esperanza of Birth Necklace
    "Esperanza" is Spanish for hope. This hand sawed sterling silver necklace features an engraved heart on her belly.
    Bonnie Alvarez Birth Designs
  • Goddess of Abundance 3 of 18
    Goddess of Abundance
    This sterling silver piece features a pregnant woman cradling her belly. You are able to choose the pregnant belly from a variety of stones.
    Birth Source
  • I Love My Belly Tile Charm 4 of 18
    I Love My Belly Tile Charm
    This handmade glass charm lets you show off just how much you love your bump during pregnancy.
  • When’s Your Baby Due? 5 of 18
    When's Your Baby Due?
    Have the answer to one of the most commonly asked questions during pregnancy with this handmade glass charm featuring your baby's due date.
  • Baby on Board Earrings 6 of 18
    Baby on Board Earrings
    Share the joy of your baby news with these baby on board sterling silver earrings. These are dressed up with natural rose quartz rounds and genuine Swarovski crystals in light rose.
  • Scrabble Tile Pendant 7 of 18
    Scrabble Tile Pendant
    Share the news that you have long been waiting for with this scrabble tile pendant. Each pendant is handmade and is made with a scrabble tile letter.
  • Expecting Two Little Peas? 8 of 18
    Expecting Two Little Peas?
    If you are expecting twins, this two-peas-in-a-peapod charm is perfect. These are made of silver and sculptured in an elegant curve to hold 2 Swarovski Crystalized pearls.
  • Pregnant Silhouette with Baby 9 of 18
    Pregnant Silhouette with Baby
    This sterling silver pendant features the baby in the belly complete with eyes, feet, and the umbilical cord.
  • Show Off Your Due Date 10 of 18
    Show Off Your Due Date
    Show off the month that you are expecting your little bundle of joy with this aluminum cuff bracelet. Each bracelet is customized just for you!
  • Due Date Silver Charm 11 of 18
    Due Date Silver Charm
    Looking to tell the world when your baby is due to arrive? This charm features the month that you are due. Each piece is handmade and no two charms are the same. Show off your due date with this one of a kind sterling silver charm.
  • Gender Ribbon Bracelet 12 of 18
    Gender Ribbon Bracelet
    Reveal the gender of your baby with this braided ribbon bracelet. The handmade charm can be stamped and customized to your liking.
  • Craving Something? 13 of 18
    Craving Something?
    This handcrafted clay bracelet lets the world know you are expecting just from what you are craving. They have long been the staples for pregnancy cravings, this pickles and ice cream bracelet is sure to send a message to all of your friends and family!
  • There’s a Baby Down There 14 of 18
    There's a Baby Down There
    Show the world just where that baby is with this maternity necklace. It is hand made from wet porcelain clay and even includes a small freshwater pearl on a loop so you can wear it long after the baby is born!
  • Mother to Be Necklace 15 of 18
    Mother to Be Necklace
    Don't know what your having yet? This vintage inspired charm features a pregnant women with a question mark on her belly. Show off that you want to keep the gender a secret until the baby arrives!
  • Star Harmony Ball 16 of 18
    Star Harmony Ball
    Let your baby hear a soft charming sound while in the womb. The harmony ball pendant makes a chiming sound when moved. You can continue to wear it when the baby is born so they can continue to hear a sound they are familiar with.
  • Pregnant Silhouette Earrings 17 of 18
    Pregnant Silhouette Earrings
    These sterling silver earrings feature a pregnancy silhouette. It also has an outline of the baby in the belly.
  • In the Womb Necklace 18 of 18
    In the Womb Necklace
    This incredibly detailed necklace of a baby in the womb is hand-crafted and oxidized in sterling silver. It features pink and blue stones at the bottom to represent a boy or a girl.
    Bonnie Alvarez Birth Designs

Image via Etsy.

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