18 Weeks and Counting!

Yes, I’m 18 weeks pregnant now! (And yes, that’s my belly shot above.)  Although it’s no particular milestone, somehow it feels like it is.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe because this is the point where I really “popped out” with my first.  Maybe because I feel like most people would actually know I’m pregnant now, and not just fat.  I’m not sure.

But, I made it this far!  The baby’s actually semi-real now.  I mean, when I get emails every week showing me what the baby looks like and how big it is (which I share with my 3-year-old, who is very eager to see), it looks like a real baby! And it’s now 5.5″ long.  That’s big enough to be something.  It’s big enough that I feel it squirming around and tapping at me sometimes.

Bekah likes to comment, “Mommy, your tummy getting bigger!  Your baby getting bigger!  Look at the baby!”  She’s so into it this time.  (She was under 18 months when Daniel was born so she doesn’t remember my pregnancy or his early infancy at all.)  Friday night she asked to hold the baby when it’s born.  She’s very excited about all this.

In just 2 weeks we’ll be halfway!  Or, really, if this baby comes on the early side like my first two, next week we’ll be about halfway! (Of course, I keep saying that, so this baby will probably be late.  Right?)  At that point we could find out the sex…but we’re not.  In fact, we’re not having any ultrasounds at all.  Not important; a story for another day.

I just can’t wait until I feel the baby moving all the time, because then I’ll get a chance to bond more with him/her. Though most of the time I lean towards “her.”  Even though we have no clue at all what we would name another girl.  We had one perfect girl’s name and we already used it.  So I guess we better get on that, just in case, right?

That’s where we are now!

At what point in pregnancy do you feel like you’re “finally really pregnant” (like strangers can tell and you don’t just feel fat)?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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