18 Weeks Pregnant: Stats, Symptoms, and Pics

Taking a look back at 18 weeks (I’m 19 now), I’m amazed I’m this far already. Quite honestly, things are really beginning to settle down. My nausea has lightened up, I’m not as tired, I don’t ache as badly all day from the cerclage. It’s been a nice change of pace around here.

Here’s a look back at 18 weeks (and some of 17) for this pregnancy:

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    And all the symptoms that I've been having!
  • 17 weeks and 4 days 2 of 14
    17 weeks and 4 days
    I didn't get a full on 18 week shot (keep flipping for the partial) but this is close enough! The mess in the pack was packing for the Blissdom conference the next day.
  • Sea Monkeys 3 of 14
    Sea Monkeys
    Bella wanted a fish and we almost caved on getting her one. Then I remembered what a pain that would be - for me. So we ended up buying her Sea Monkeys which promptly hatched and died. Win.
  • Cravings 4 of 14
    Oh, I could eat watermelon until I exploded. And one day nearly did.
  • Moving 5 of 14
    Planning our move to North Carolina this summer has us eagerly looking at all the small Southern towns around Ft. Bragg. Hope Mills is one of several we really like from what we've read and heard from others.
  • Blissdom! 6 of 14
    Spending time with some special ladies had me feeling all kinds of glad that I went to the Blissdom conference this year.
  • 18 weeks 7 of 14
    18 weeks
    I spend a lot of time reading and relaxing during this pregnancy - much more than I ever did with either Bella or the twins. It's helped tremendously with my anxiety and my body. The shots, pills, and appointments all take tolls on my physically that rest helps with.
  • Charlie 8 of 14
    This little guy LOVES to snuggle up next to me at nap. And usually I let him stay, when he's not trying to dig under the covers, chase the cats, or just bounce around like I fed him crack.
  • BABY! 9 of 14
    Our SON 🙂 is right on track and growing like he should be. This was a little over 18 weeks at an ultrasound my Dr put me in for just to see how he was doing.
  • Oh Nails. 10 of 14
    Oh Nails.
    Pregnancy and humidity are kind to me. They allow me to have nails for once. In Dallas there was so much more humidity than El Paso that in 3 days I had nails I'd only dreamed of.
  • Easter 11 of 14
    Our friends came over to dye eggs and then for Easter dinner with an egg hunt. We had so much fun doing this - being able to be outside makes cleanup a snap.
  • Sweet Tooth 12 of 14
    Sweet Tooth
    Normally if I saw coconut and pineapple ice cream I might throw up in my mouth a little. Pregnancy makes this look amazing, and it really was.
  • Knitting Nights 13 of 14
    Knitting Nights
    With the first tri sickness/wanting to die almost gone, my energy level is back for some knitting projects at night. This is a snake I'm working on for Bella.
  • Playtime 14 of 14
    We spend a lot of time outside with the weather already in the 70's and 80's here. It's just too perfect not to soak up.


How Far Along: 19 weeks and 2 days!

Size of baby: A sweet potato (for 18 weeks).

Sleep: I’d forgotten how waking up to pee every few hours could seriously disrupt some sleep. The fun part is when I get back to bed and feel this little guy kicking. He’s probably glad he has some room in there again.

Total Weight Gain: 4 lbs.

Symptoms: Oh man, these past two weeks I have the worst allergies/congestion/something and my poor nose is like – raw. I’ve never in my life experienced this before but it’s making it hard to breathe.

Movement: Yes! He moves all the time now.

Maternity Clothes: Some do not fit. The End.

Go-to eats: Just about anything. My sickness is manageable lately, I’m pretty hungry, and I crave pasta and fruit. And water with lemon.

Best moment of the week: A surprise ultrasound at the Dr. where I was able to take home such a sweet profile pic of our son.

Gender: BOY!!!!!

What I’m looking forward to: 20 weeks. I have milestones in my head for this pregnancy and that is a huge one for me. It means that if something were to happen after that, I could be in labor and delivery and not the ER. For my past experiences, it’s a big deal.

What I wish people knew: I worried about how I might react to being told this one was a boy – would I fall apart because of losing the twins? Instead, I find myself every so grateful I get the chance to bring our third son home with me in a few months.

Milestones: Yawns, hiccups, swallowing!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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