19 Things That Secretly Happen at Every Baby Shower

Women sit around at a baby shower laughing.
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Wedding showers can be hit or miss, but everyone loves a good baby shower. After all, what’s not to love? It’s pretty fun celebrating the mom- and dad-to-be, you get to play entertaining baby shower games that make everyone look ridiculous, and the food is pretty much never-ending.

But every good baby shower also comes with its fair share of memorable moments — some fun, and some … well, maybe not-so-fun. (After all, when you put a bunch of relatives in one room and pump them with mimosas, what do you expect?)

Here are a few things that secretly (okay, or not-so-secretly) happen at almost every baby shower …

  1. The party host spends hours scouring Pinterest for creative baby shower decor ideas … only to then rush ship a ton of party supplies at the last minute, because all of them were #fails. (Let’s be honest: This person is likely you.)
  2. Someone causes a little baby name drama by either stealing someone else’s future kid’s name or making a comment under their breath about the future baby-to-be’s name. (Yikes, Aunt Edna!)
  3. Someone shows up with an elaborate DIY diaper cake, which they stayed up all night constructing. Everyone else is secretly jealous of their skills.
  4. Someone internally panics about the path of their own life. (Let’s be honest: We’ve probably all done this.)
  5. Someone pukes in the bathroom. Sometimes it’s the guest of honor, but usually it’s the person who just freaked out about their own life and then downed a bunch of mimosas, along with tiny pink-and-blue cupcakes.
  6. Someone announces a pregnancy of their own or brings their new baby (who unfortunately screams their head off the whole time).
  7. Someone gives hand-me-downs from their own baby as a gift, and everyone else silently wonders if they could have just done the same thing.
  8. Someone tries to out-do everyone else when retelling the “saga” of their own birth story.
  9. Somebody gets overly competitive about the baby shower games and even has their own team rolling their eyes … 
  10. Someone comes this close to actually eating the mushy chocolate bar (AKA baby poop) that was part of the “Dirty Diaper” game.
  11. Someone asks slightly inappropriate questions about the baby’s conception.
  12. Someone’s great aunt keeps loudly asking all the other moms “when they’re going to have another.”
  13. Someone drops a few thinly-veiled judgments about the birth plan.
  14. Somebody is confused — they found the couple’s old wedding registry rather than the new baby one, and they’ve purchased a beautiful new waffle iron. OOPS.
  15. Someone buys clothes so big, the kid won’t actually be able to wear them until they’re in middle school.
  16. Somebody unofficially declares themselves an expert on literally everything baby-related. They decide to impart all of this wisdom on the unsuspecting guest sitting to their left, who really just wants to eat a darn cupcake in peace.
  17. Someone observes all of this chaos and makes a mental note to have their tubes tied.
  18. Someone brings a giant teddy bear. Like, the size of a couch. The mom-to-be’s best friend quickly removes it before she starts to have a panic attack about impending house clutter.
  19. And last, but not least … It finally sinks in to the expectant parents that this is REAL — and they start getting pretty excited to get back home and start arranging their new nursery (giant teddy bear and all).
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