19 Weeks Pregnant: Stats, Symptoms, and Pictures

This past week has been pretty hard on me, mentally and emotionally. 19 weeks and 4 days was as far as my last pregnancy was able to hold, so that day had a pretty big impact. Once I reached 20 weeks (this past weekend) a lot of the anxiety that I felt lifted. I know there isn’t a magic week for a healthy pregnancy or baby, but I have my own milestones because of what I went through when I lost the twins.

I’ve added a few new topics to shake things up below, but first check out a belly shot and new ultrasound pic of our little boy! And click through to see the pictures of this past week:

  • What This 19th Week of My Pregnancy was Like 1 of 12
    Click through to follow me on my pregnancy journey!
  • 19 weeks and 5 days 2 of 12
    It's crazy how a third pregnancy gets big so fast. I love it and yet part of me cringes wondering how this shirt will look at 35 weeks - if it even still fits?
  • Our Nights 3 of 12
    We finished up Walking Dead (6 more months? Really?!) while I am trying to finish a blanket for Bella I've been knitting for months.
  • Working from Home 4 of 12
    This is my set up in the kitchen to write when my desk gets overwhelmed with the rest of life. I love this little spot.
  • Quiet Time 5 of 12
    One morning I was working and Bella was bored. I left her to her own devices for a few minutes, heard her get quiet, and found this when I went to check on her.
  • A Boy and His Dog 6 of 12
    Charlie loves to lay on my stomach as the baby kicks.
  • Memories 7 of 12
    My friend bought me these little orchids on the day in this pregnancy my water broke with my twins last year. It was a sweet reminder of them both.
  • Water Park 8 of 12
    Our military post has a small splash park by all the shopping, and after dinner one night we stopped there and let Bella play.
  • Daddy Time 9 of 12
    Bella loves to roughhouse with Daddy, and I love to see them together. She's a good sport about it all and it wears her out before bed which is great.
  • Lifesaver 10 of 12
    Poor Sam is suffering from my snoring at night. Being so congested this pregnancy has really taken a toll on both of us. These, along with a Neti Pot, have been so wonderful for us both.
  • Childhood 11 of 12
    There are moments when I am a bit envious of how simple and carefree life is when you're 3. I love being able to relive a little of that through Bella again.
  • 19 weeks and 3 days 12 of 12
    Here's our little boy last week at his 3D ultrasound! His face was buried but we got a cute shot of his little ear, arm, and leg.


How Far Along: 20 weeks and 3 days!

Size of baby: A banana (for 19 weeks).

Sleep: I won a sound machine at Blissdom and it helps tremendously. As does a Neti Pot along with Breathe Right Nasal Strips.

Total Weight Gain: 4 lbs.

Innie or Outie: Can “small cave” qualify? It never has popped, just stretches.

Symptoms: A little bit of sickness but I only take Zofran at night now. ::kicks heels up:: It’s weird not to be sick and hurt all the time.

Movement: If his movement is any indication of what he’ll be like when he’s born, I need to invest in some serious swings and bouncers. This kid moves all the time.

Maternity Clothes: Ordered new tops and an adorable skirt from the Gap and Old Navy. It’s almost 90* here every day, and the majority of my maternity clothes are winter/spring.

Go-to eats: Taco Bell Volcano Nachos. Extra jalapeños. I feel so sad that’s what I crave but happy there are about 3 within close driving range. Also cereal at night and fruit.

Best moment of the week: Sam felt the kicks! We made it to 20 weeks!

Gender: BOY!!!!!

What I’m looking forward to: Our big ultrasound next week. We’re all going, I can’t wait to see everything and spend a little more time with this little guy.

What I wish people knew: It’s the strangest feeling to still grieve for the babies you lost while carrying one that wouldn’t be here otherwise. I go through a lot of emotions over this.

Milestones: Tastebuds! Hope you like Volcano Nachos little one.

Photo Credit: istockphotos.com and my own

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