2 Things We Added to Our Fertility Plan — Will It Make the Difference?

Changes to Our Fertility PlanWe’re gearing up for — yet another — pregnancy attempt this month. Our at-home insemination kits are all set.

Sterile cup, check.

Needleless syringe, check.

Soft cervical cup, check.

Those items (along with some sperm) are pretty much the essentials. But like most things I do in life, I’m going to go just a little overboard with this whole thing.

Two years ago next week, we had our very first appointment at a fertility center. Since then, I’ve been through a laundry list of fertility treatments and the 9,000 things that go along with each one. I’m ready to be pregnant. I was ready two years ago.

So overboard, here we go. You betcha.

Really, though, it’s not uncommon for women trying to get pregnant at home this way to do anything that might just help. And I recently found out about two such items: disposable vaginal speculums and a nifty little product called Pre-Seed.

Yep, speculums and sperm-friendly lube are coming into our bedroom.

Nothing sexy about this baby-making.

But, like I said, I wanted to be pregnant two years ago (and I’m going to be 36 at the end of the month) — so I’m willing to try anything at this point.

The speculum, in case you can’t figure it out, should help “open” me, thus making the needleless syringe’s entry that much easier and bringing the sperm as close as possible to my cervix.

And then there’s the Pre-Seed. I’ve never used lubricant — ever. But this stuff is supposed to mimic natural vaginal fluids that help the sperm swim to their destination — or at least get them into my cervix. Some women who do this at home actually pierce their cervix with a different type of syringe and place the sperm directly into the uterus, but I personally don’t believe that’s safe to do without the assistance of a doctor or nurse.

This is about as far as I’m comfortable taking this on our own.

Sometimes, I can’t believe the words that come from my fingers as I write these posts. Whose life is this?

Oh, right. Mine.


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