20 Adorable Ways to Say “We’re Pregnant!”

PicMonkey-Collage42-624x624For my first pregnancy, I waited until I started showing and people started asking questions before I revealed that I was pregnant

Traditionally, Jewish couples wait three months before they share their news with family and friends. And as someone who has suffered ups and downs while trying to conceive, the tradition makes perfect sense to me on a both a physical and emotional level.

For my current pregnancy, announcing was a bigger deal because I live a large part of my life online. I had to figure out a way to tell my readers in a fashion that felt appropriate to my blog.

I still waited over three months and then announced I was expecting in a blog post entitled, “What Do Snooki, Gisele and I have in common?” which included the mandatory picture of a sonogram.

For evidence’s sake.

I followed that up with a game of “Let’s Play… Guess the Gender of my Baby!” where I asked readers to guess ‘boy or girl’ for a prize. Then I got to make another announcement (IT’S A GIRL!) along with the winner. Pretty elaborate by my standards but also great blog fodder.

Obviously, you don’t have to be a blogger to do something really cute to spread your big news. With social sharing continually growing and sites like Pinterest giving out plenty of ideas for free, more and more couples are opting to announce their ‘bun in the oven’ in creatively inspired ways.

Here are 20 of my favorite photos and announcements from expectant parents. They are so adorable, I almost want to have a third.

  • The Famous Hand Making a Heart Over Belly 1 of 20
    This visual can be seen almost everywhere on Pinterest but this woman takes it up a notch by including a positive pregnancy test.
    Image source: Flickr
  • Do the Math 2 of 20
    One of the simplest and cutest way to show you are adding to the family.
    Image source: The Daily Buzz
  • Big Sister Photo Strip 3 of 20
    Using the soon to be sibling is a great way to make him or her feel like it is her day too.
    Image source: Saifou
  • Hello My Name Is… 4 of 20
    Revealing the name of the baby before the birth is not my style but if it was, this is a creative way to do it.
    Image source: The Daily Buzz
  • Camera Shy 5 of 20
    For a family photographers, this is a great way to introduce their soon-to-be new camera assistant.
    Image source: Buzzfeed
  • Tiny Red Shoes 6 of 20
    I found a lot of announcements with tiny shoes but this was by far the cutest.
    Image source: Tangie
  • Another Approach to Shoes 7 of 20
    Although this one, with tiny signage and a date came to a close second.
    Image source: Divine Baby
  • No, We are not talking about spaghetti… 8 of 20
    For two women with a sense of humor, using a bottle of tomato sauce was the perfect way to spread their news.
    Image source: Brittany Williams
  • Bump Ahead 9 of 20
    This is very cute, plus you get to take a picture before you've gained 30 pounds.
    Image source: Becoming Mrs. G
  • Bun in the Oven 10 of 20
    I saw a lot of cards with Bun in the Oven but this one was my favorite because it involves the soon-to-be big sister.
    Image source: Wedding Bee
  • Tea Party for Three 11 of 20
    I wonder what gender those little girls are hoping for...
    Image source: The Trucker Wife
  • Twelve Eyes 12 of 20
    If poor vision runs on both sides, chances are those tiny glasses will come in handy.
    Image source: Huong Fralin
  • For the Tech Geeks 13 of 20
    I hope they've got a good wireless connection or else this pregnancy might last ten months!
    Image source: Buzzfeed
  • The Big Show-off 14 of 20
    You gotta love a guy who is this proud of knocking his girl up.
    Image source: Reddit
  • Tiny Boots 15 of 20
    Nothing is cuter than tiny cowboy boots except potentially their soon-to-be born baby. Nah, tiny cowboy boots are cuter.
    Image source: Flickr
  • K-I-S-S-I-N-G 16 of 20
    Reminds me of sleep away camp. Thank God they waited.
    Image source: Brittany Williams
  • Blue Balloons 17 of 20
    I love this adorable way to announce the gender of your baby.
    Image source: Mallory Buck Photography
  • Just checking in… 18 of 20
    Using tin cans to communicate between your son and your unborn child is beyond cute.
    Image source: The Daily Buzz
  • Reading Material 19 of 20
    I'm just impressed that she got her husband to pick up a pregnancy magazine. Mine waited until the day before our daughter was born to do some research.
    Image source: Buzzfeed
  • Comparing Bellies 20 of 20
    This picture is my absolute favorite because it is exactly what my daughter does with me every day.
    Image source: The Daily Buzz

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