20 Baby Girl Names on the Rise

So many moms-to-be looked at the Top Baby Names of 2011 list from the Social Security Administration just to see which names not to pick. They want to avoid the Top 10, Top 50 — even Top 500, in some cases — so that their child stands apart from the modern-day Jennifers and Jessicas.

But some moms don’t want the name to be too off-beat, looking for some kind of middle ground.

Well I dissected the Top 1,000 list to find the names that rose the fastest — those jumping anywhere from 100 to 300 spots from 2010 to 2011. Rising stars that just may be headed for chart-topper status eventually, or at least more normalcy.

This list shows a few trends that you may want to avoid, as well as beautifully unique names that are just starting to rise from obscurity. (That coveted “middle ground” that you might be looking for.):

  • -Lynn names 1 of 21
    -Lynn names
    So many of the names that jumped over 100 spots in popularity were names ending in -lynn — Addilynn, Emmalynn, Raelynn, Evalynn, Gracelynn, etc. This trend really bombarded the rest.

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  • Adele 2 of 21
    Adele jumped 281 spots from 2010 to 2011. Wonder why?
    Beyond Adele, similar names Adelynn and Adeline scooted up the charts as well.

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  • Bryn 3 of 21
    The name Bryn rose over 300 spots in 2011, entering the top 1,000 at #745. I can't help but credit reality TV star and business mogul Bethenny Frankel's adorable daughter Bryn Hoppy who was born in late 2010.

  • Aubree 4 of 21
    The name Aubree made the biggest leap into the Top 100 list for 2011, jumping over 120 spots to get to #99. (Aubrey is still much more popular, rising to the #20 spot in 2011.)

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  • Briella/Brielle 5 of 21
    This is one of the fastest-growing girl trends for 2011. Briella jumped from the bottom of the list to the Top 500, and Brielle is on the rise too (with almost 2,500 babies named Brielle in 2011).

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  • Audrianna (and other -anna names) 6 of 21
    Audrianna (and other -anna names)
    Names ending in -anna stood out as fast risers — such as Audrianna, Lillianna, Aviana, and Milania.
    Audrianna rose over 200 spots in 2011, and Milania entered the top 1,000 for the first time — both daughters of Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice. Coincidence?

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  • Charlotte/Charley 7 of 21
    We all know that Charlotte is a popular name (jumping from #45 in 2010 to #27 in 2011), but it's actually Charlotte's nickname "Charley" that's having a meteoric rise in popularity. Charley jumped over 200 spots in the Top 1,000 list, and similar names Charli, Charlee, and Charleigh are independently rising just as fast.

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  • Arya, Nahla, and other -ah names 8 of 21
    Arya, Nahla, and other -ah names
    Names ending in an -AH sound are very common right now (Olivia, Noah, Ava, Mia, Elijiah, etc.), but more unique versions are quickly climbing up the charts — most notably Aria, Gemma, Nylah, Jaylah, and Lylah. Even Nahla made the Top 1,000 list this year, debuting at #861.

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  • Harper 9 of 21
    Harper jumped up 65 spots in 2011, making it the fastest rising girl's name in the Top 100 list. Victoria Beckham was more likely riding the trend than igniting it, considering her little Harper was born mid-2011.

  • Elsie/Emmy 10 of 21
    Elsie entered the Top 500 this year, rising almost 200 spots from 2010. Emmy also saw a huge boost in popularity, when it was barely clinging to the Top 1,000 last year. They just might be the next members of the popular "E" club for girls (joining Emma, Emily, Ella, Evelyn, etc.).

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  • Vera 11 of 21
    Vera is also now in the Top 500 most popular girl's names, rising over 160 spots.

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  • Harlow 12 of 21
    Fans of the name Harlow might not be happy to hear it rose over 150 spots in 2011, now knocking on the Top 500 door. Willow (another feminine name with a hard -o ending) had a little boost in popularity as well.

  • June 13 of 21
    Gabrielle Blair (also known as Design Mom) is known for picking some of the best kids names in the blogosphere. Her youngest daughter, Flora June, goes by June — and that vintage-inspired name made a huge comeback in 2011.

    Photo: Olive Us (You can see all of her fabulously named kids in their new video series Olive Us.)
  • Ember 14 of 21
    Another "E" name on the rise, Ember saw an unexpected popularity boost in 2011. Emery and Emerson also scooted up on the list, although not quite as dramatically as Ember.

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  • Olive 15 of 21
    A quirkier alternative to the chart-topper Olivia, this name always makes me think of the movie Little Miss Sunshine. Moms in 2011 gave this beautiful name a good 139-spot hike up the popularity list.

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  • Bristol 16 of 21
    Bristol is another newcomer to the Top 500 list.

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  • Eloise 17 of 21
    Although names with an "L" sound aren't newly popular, this one is newly chic. It's been on the rise — will it be a chart topper in time?

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  • Blake 18 of 21
    Blake is one of the many gender-neutral girl's names entering the Top 1,000 in 2011.

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  • Pearl 19 of 21
    Pearl also entered the Top 1,000 in 2011 at an impressive #814.

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  • Elliot 20 of 21
    I love this name for a boy, and I'm both suprised and saddened that it made the Top 1,000 list for girls in 2011. But it does have the trendy "Elle" sound, after all.

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  • Rory 21 of 21
    Rory is much more popular for a boy than a girl (although I immediately think of Gilmore Girls), but it made the Top 1,000 list in 2011. Other newcomers to the Top 1,000 list: Sloan, Nova, Dorothy, Annabell, Juniper, Blair, and Hattie.

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Other notable names that saw a (less drastic) popularity jump in 2011:

  • Zoey (now more popular than Zoe)
  • Autumn
  • Scarlett (on a continued rise to the top)
  • Kennedy
  • Alaina
  • Penelope
  • Maci
  • Aurora
  • Quinn
  • Kinley/Kinsley/Kensley
  • Paisley
  • Luna
  • Caylee
  • Zara
  • Edith
  • Mae
  • Leighton
  • Kate

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