20 Baby Names Inspired by Duck Dynasty

Unless you just arrived back on solid Earth sometime in the last hour or two, you’ve at least been exposed to the force of reality TV nature that calls itself Duck Dynasty.

Like it or not, A&E hit the jackpot with the American masses when it debuted the show four short seasons ago. And the cast members have certainly seized their moment in the sun ever since.

Of course, DD isn’t for everyone, but that hardly matters when you’re pulling in gazillions of viewers every single episode. Evidently, this TV stuff isn’t exactly rocket science after all, huh? People like a simple story of a hard-working American family who eats dinner together and prays together and hunts ducks together and works together and laughs together and comes up with new, clever ways to make mega-bucks together all while dressing/looking like your average person ducking (no pun intended) down to Walmart for a loaf of ice cream or whatever.

Those Robertsons and their crafty producers all figured out one critical secret to success early on: no matter who you are or what you do, if the average person can somehow see themselves in you then you are golden.

And let’s face it, in America in 2013, when you’re golden, people are gonna name their kids after you.  So…Hey Jack! Here are some baby names directly from Duck Dynasty as well as a bunch inspired by it.

So, choose wisely. And may all your babies be happy, happy, happy…

  • Take a look, Jack! 1 of 20
  • Willie 2 of 20

    Willie is an obvious one, but HEY!...he's got to be here. You ever meet a Willie you didn't like? I didn't think so.


  • Monroe 3 of 20

    I like the name Monroe actually. It's kind of stately and regal. Plus, it's the name of the town where the whole Duck Dynasty is based, so if you want a cool DD-inspired name (boy OR girl - Mariah Carey gave the monicker to her daughter) then pick this one. You'd better skip the whole 'West' part though.


  • Mallard 4 of 20

    Would you name your kid after a really beautiful type of duck? You just might if you love duck hunting as much as the Robertsons. To be honest, I think that whole crew are going to read this and be kind of bummed that they didn't think of this name themselves! Mallard has a nice ring to it. At least it's better than it's better than Goose.


  • Jase 5 of 20

    Jase is the funniest, dry-witted Robertson brother and he quickly steals a lot of the scenes that he is in on the show. Even though his name is actually Jason, I sort of think that Jase is a really cool name on its own. And once again, I think this could be for a little boy OR a little girl.


  • Parish 6 of 20

    In a graceful nod to the Robertson's Louisiana roots, the only state that has parishes instead of counties, why not name your kid Parish? It's a sleek, genteel sounding name in my opinion. Just don't call him or her Parish Hilton...then you'll have trouble.


  • Louisiane 7 of 20

    I thought that the name Louisiana, the Duck Dynasty folks' home state, could make a fairly pretty name. But then I saw the French Cajun version of it...Louisiane, and I was hooked. It's elegant and fragile and I love it.


  • Silas 8 of 20

    Uncle Si's real name, Silas, is an awesome name that reeks of history and antiquity, says me. Plus, as you probably already know, Si is one seriously likable dude. So, Silas is obviously on our list for names for baby boys.


  • Jack 9 of 20

    Anyone who watches at least ten minutes of Duck Dynasty will probably get to hear Uncle Si let loose a "Hey Jack." It's his verbal signature along with just plain "Hey." And Jack is just a great, classic name anyway, so the fact that it's one of Si's favorite things to say earns it a top spot on this baby names list.


  • Bayou 10 of 20

    Hey, if you're looking for a truly unique and somewhat exotic name and yet you are really wanting to keep with a Duck Dynasty theme for your baby, well....that's pretty hard to even believe. But hey, I think I've got the perfect unisex name for you anyhow. Bayou! It's French-y sounding and it's a beautiful, peaceful place that is near and dear to the Robertson's duck-hunting hearts.


  • Reed 11 of 20

    The Robinson's family road to TV fame is all based upon the fact that they make duck calls. And what better way to pay homage to their roots than by naming a baby boy after a key and critical element in any duck call...the reed. Coincidentally, Jase and his wife have a son named Reed so this is a name idea that is actually Robertson Approved!


  • Hunter 12 of 20

    Obviously, the Duck Dynasty gang are big-time hunters, so this name is a shoo-in. Plus, it's great for either a baby boy or a baby girl.


  • Kay 13 of 20

    Miss Kay, as her husband Phil likes to call her, is the matriarch of the Duck Dynasty kingdom. She's sweet and tender and a little aloof, but her boys adore her and so does her husband, so I'd say that naming a little girl after her might be a good omen.


  • Barbe 14 of 20

    Soooooo, just how rabid of a DD fan are you anyhow? Because if you consider yourself one of the numero uno followers of the show in all the land then you might want to consider a name that is a little out there and will certainly not be repeated too many times when they call roll in your kid's homeroom someday. The name I am thinking of? Barbe. As in: it's French for 'beard'. Am I being serious? Hey, what do you think, Jack?


  • Vivian 15 of 20

    Want to get a hug out of Uncle Si if you're ever lucky enough to run into him? Just lean into his ear and tell him that you named your daughter, Vivian, which just so happens be the name of his hometown in Louisiana, too.


  • Jeptha 16 of 20

    Jeptha, or 'Jep' Robertson is the youngest son and brother and is a likable enough guy, I think. And even though his name is pretty unusual and a little Old Testament-sounding, it's also incredibly original and very Duck Dynasty, so, no question about it, it goes on our list.



  • Christian 17 of 20

    There is no missing the fact that the Robertson family is a religious one. A humble dinner table prayer from Phil ends every single episode. So, it seems to me that the name Christian could certainly be a baby's name with Duck Dynasty connotations. If you really want to make it right though, you could combine it with one of the other names for an even bigger DD homerun. How about Hunter Christian? Or Christian Bayou? Dang, I'm good at this, huh?


  • Drake 18 of 20

    A female duck is known as a ''hen"so there's probably not much of a chance you're ever going to want to name your little girl after one. But, the male duck is known as a "drake," which is a very intriguing name, if I do say so myself. Plus, it's a real tribute to waterfowl hunting ,which automatically makes it a roundabout tribute to the Robertsons. So Drake makes our list.


  • Phil 19 of 20

     Phil might be a common name but Phil Robertson is no common man. He is a one-of-a-kind, take-him-or-leave-him, no B.S. kind of dude who dreamed up a duck call company out of his garage 25 years ago and is now looking out over a pretty vast empire. Plus, he's just plain cool. Name your baby after this guy and you are really saying something.


  • Happy 20 of 20

    The name Happy makes a whole lot of Duck Commander sense doesn't it? It's one of Phil's straight-shot mantras, When the guy says,"Happy, Happy, Happy,"  the way he does with his dry wit and eyes that bore right through you, you either get it or you don't. I think naming a kid Happy in honor of Phil Robertson might be a stretch, but if anyone ever does it I will buy them a beer or two for sure.


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