20 Common Complaints About Being Pregnant in the Summer

There is so much I love about being pregnant. It took me a while to get here and I’ve always said that I feel at my best when I am pregnant, but like all things in life, it’s not totally roses.

There are the unrelenting symptoms, the stress and anxiety, the doctor appointments, the aches and pains, and sometimes it’s just really not all that comfortable. Normally, like not pregnant, I don’t care for the heat, but when I am growing a human, the heat seems to be that much more intense for me. I blame it on my “internal oven” being on while baking this baby, but really it just makes all those pregnancy complains seem to be much more unrelenting.

I have never been near end of term while the summertime hit, but this time around, I will be about 6 months pregnant when the summer finally ends. That means I have to navigate the humidity and heat while my internal oven is on and I refuse to sit where there is no air conditioning.

I asked fellow pregnant or have-been pregnant mamas to share with us their biggest complaints about being pregnant in the summer. I have a feeling many of us can relate to all of these points or at least feel a little empathy because it’s not easy.

Click through to read 20 real complaints from 20 different women about what it’s like to be pregnant in the summer:

  • Common Complaints About Being Pregnant in Summer 1 of 21

    20 moms share their biggest complaints about what it's like being pregnant in the summer. 

  • No One’s Happy 2 of 21

    "If I finally got the AC to a temperature that was cool enough for me, the rest of my family was freezing." - Danielle, JustDanielleB

  • Internal Furnace 3 of 21

    "You know how you can take blankets off? Or roll away from the person your spooning or snuggling with when you're too hot? Imagine that person being trapped inside your body. Little internal furnaces." - Jacki

  • Summer Weddings 4 of 21

    "Having to attend a wedding in an appropriate dress that would let you breath properly!" - Lisa, TheSunshineIn

  • Other People 5 of 21

    "My neighborhood houses Stanley Park and all of its associated beaches, which means that not only is it crawling with pedestrians and cyclists -- which was fun to try to waddle around -- but there's a certain sense of body image turbo-drive that takes place. Girls are in bikini tops and short shorts, men are stripped down, everyone's eyeing each other, and then there's me, watermelon-shaped belly stretching my last tank top's seams to their breaking point. I'm lucky enough to not walk around feeling fat due to pregnancy weight, but it definitely makes me feel instantly hotter, bigger and more awkward." - Terra

  • What Doesn’t 6 of 21

    "Pretty much everything!!!" - Kelly

  • Swollen Feet 7 of 21

    "The Flintstone feet! Also, trying to keep my knees together while wearing a little(ish) sundress at my baby shower (didn't work out very well, as we all saw in the photos of me opening gifts)." - Jessica

  • No Craving Satisfaction 8 of 21

    "Not being able to eat mr whippy soft ice cream!" - Mel, FinleysFootprints

  • Ankle Woes 9 of 21

    "My cankles! I was so swollen, my feet went up a size and my ankles disappeared. The heat was too much for this pregnant mama." - Maria, AMotherWorld

  • All the Sweat 10 of 21

    "Sweat boobs that touched the belly. I could have lived in the shower." - Trina, LifesABlog

  • Summer Fun 11 of 21

    "Perhaps not the most unfortunate but I really missed sitting on a patio having summery drinks with my first, by the time I was having my second I knew enough to still go and have virgin summery drinks!" - Coleen

  • Difficult Appetite 12 of 21

    "Having to eat but not wanting to when it was really hot. Can a pregnant woman live on ice cream alone?" - Robin, FarewellStranger

  • Getting Around 13 of 21

    "I worked downtown Toronto when I was pregnant & bar none the worst part was waddling down the sidewalk to catch the train home. Even worse if I was late because it's pretty much physically impossible to run when you're that pregnant!" - Devon

  • Perception 14 of 21

    "Everyone telling me how miserable I must be and how sorry they felt for me everywhere I went. I appreciated their empathy but no need for the constant reminders." - Krishann

  • Off Limit Cool-Off 15 of 21

    "How refreshing a cold beer looked on a hot day and knowing I couldn't have it." - Tracey

  • The Wetness 16 of 21

    "I was due in August during a heat wave of massive proportion for Seattle, an I sweated so much I constantly thought it was my water leaking!" - Heidi

  • Mandatory Clothes 17 of 21

    "Having to wear clothes! Pupps and heat rash, ugh." - Sarah

  • Fashion Woes 18 of 21

    "It didn't matter what I wore...being 40+ weeks pregnant at the end of a particularly hot & humid June I looked like Violet Beauregarde." - Jennifer, AKATheWife

  • Grooming Issues 19 of 21

    "The worst part about being pregnant in the summer for me lately is difficulty shaving legs and bikini line! I can't see/reach everywhere." - Anonymous

  • Record Heat Days 20 of 21

    "I was pregnant through the hottest summer on record (at that time) in North Bay. My baby was born September 3rd. - two weeks late!!" - Jayne

  • Just So Tired 21 of 21

    For myself, being hot and especially humid, makes me so tired I can barely get anything done. My body just wants to shut right down.

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