20 Cool + Unusual Baby Girl Names from Nameberry!

As someone who has — what I consider — a pretty cool and unusual name, you’d think that I’d be drawn to other cool and unusual names. And I am. While I couldn’t stand my name growing up in a sea of Jennifers, Jessicas, Tiffanys, and Stephanies, I finally learned to love it later — mostly because I was the only Aela. It feels good to never be confused for someone else, to be more easily remembered because of my name. Though, truth be told, my name itself often gets forgotten — but I’m always “that girl with the unusual name.”

Leave it to the ever-popular naming site, Nameberry, to give us the next generation of cool and unusual baby girl names that have been given to 10 or fewer newborn girls in recent years. The names here are my favorites from Nameberry’s list of 100. I picked them for their great sounds, their nickname possibilities, and their pretty combination of letters. These choices ensure that your daughter won’t drown in a sea of Sophias.

  • Aberdeen 1 of 20
    Cool + Unusual Baby Girl Names

    I absolutely love the sound of this place-name (which happen to be very trendy right now!). It's fun to say, with cute and more-familiar-sounding nickname options of Abby and/or Deena to offset it being so unusual.


  • Aliz 2 of 20
    Cool + Unusual Baby Girl Names

    Alice is classic, but also rising in popularity and on track to be another hit. Aliz is Alice's Hungarian counterpart. And the Z adds to its coolness.


  • Amorie 3 of 20
    Cool + Unusual Baby Girl Names

    What's not to love about this name with roots in the meaning of love?


  • Bette 4 of 20
    Cool + Unusual Baby Girl Names

    Simply and pretty, Bette is a super hip name choice. One of my favorites on the list.


  • Blanche 5 of 20
    Cool + Unusual Baby Girl Names

    I've been in love with Blanche ever since, "A Street Car Named Desire." And because of the Golden Girls, of course. 


  • Carlisle 6 of 20
    Cool + Unusual Baby Girl Names

    A newer twist on the old favorites of Carly and Carla, Carlisle appeals to me because of its soft -isle ending. It has the strength of Carly and Carla, but with a quieter touch.


  • Christabelle 7 of 20
    Cool + Unusual Baby Girl Names

    I actually knew a Christabelle growing up, and this name seems like a obvious marriage of the once-popular Christinas (and all of her variations) and the now-popular Bellas/Ellas. While its not generally the kind of name I like, the sing-song quality of this name works for me.


  • Eulalie 8 of 20
    Cool + Unusual Baby Girl Names

    I adore the letters of this name and the way they appear together, and with names like Lulu, Lila, Lily, and the like being used today, this names seems to fit nicely among them. But: I can't get past it sounding so much like ukelele. 


  • Federica 9 of 20
    Cool + Unusual Baby Girl Names

    This is another one that is so much fun to say! But I don't know if I'd ever have the courage to use it. 


  • Isabeau 10 of 20
    Cool + Unusual Baby Girl Names

    Isabel and her variations are everywhere right now (and rightfully so; it's a great name). This unusual name follows suit, but offers a great twist.


  • Leda 11 of 20
    Cool + Unusual Baby Girl Names

    Leda is a pretty and not-often-used name with a fabulous meaning: happy. The name also has strong roots, as Leda was the mother of Helen of Troy.


  • Matisse 12 of 20
    Cool + Unusual Baby Girl Names

    The surname of one of the greatest artist, this name is littered with reasons to use it today! First, it's beautiful. Second, it's not SO far off base from the trendy sounds of Madeline (Maddy) and Matilda. Plus, it has two fabulous and more-mainstream nickname options of Matty or Mati and Isa. I'm loving this name.


  • Neri 13 of 20
    Cool + Unusual Baby Girl Names

    Neri is sweet and fresh with a dash of exotic, but without being overly strange and foreign. I think this name works, a lot. 


  • Ondine 14 of 20
    Cool + Unusual Baby Girl Names

    Every time I say this name, it reminds me of something, but I haven't been able to figure out what. Maybe the salad green, endive (when its pronounced on-deeve)? I don't know, but I do know I keep being drawn to this name. There is something just so pretty about it.


  • Reeve 15 of 20
    Cool + Unusual Baby Girl Names

    Reece keeps working its way up the charts, but Reeve is way cooler. I mean, who can't say this name and not think of superman? -- and few things are as cool as superman. And with the uber-feminine ending of -eve, this name works magically for a girl.


  • Rowena 16 of 20
    Cool + Unusual Baby Girl Names

    Rowen is popular enough for boys and girls, why not Rowena? 


  • Sula 17 of 20
    Cool + Unusual Baby Girl Names

    It's a fun name with a touch of sass, but this name hasn't been on the charts since the early 1900s.


  • Tilda 18 of 20
    Cool + Unusual Baby Girl Names

    I'm a sucker for Matilda and all of her variations: Tilly, Mati, and -- now -- Tilda. 


  • Tulsi 19 of 20
    Cool + Unusual Baby Girl Names

    This name is sweet sounding and fun, but it also has strong roots. In Hindi, it means "basil," whose plant is considered sacred. Plus, the modern-day Tulsi Gabbard is a role model for young women. Hard to go wrong with this name!


  • Windsor 20 of 20
    Cool + Unusual Baby Girl Names

    Jimmy Fallon just named his daughter Winnie (lovely!), so Windsor keeps step nicely with what will likely be a pop in Winnie-type names. And Windy is a super fun nickname!

    Be sure to check out Nameberry's full list of 100 unique names HERE!

Source: Nameberry
Image Source: iStockphoto

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