20 Elegant and Extravagant Nursery Rooms

Imagine if money was not a factor and you could design your baby room however you wanted. You could hire the best-of-the-best designer or take the time and love to do it all yourself. Would you do something more classic and clean? Would you design something unique to your tastes or would you love to go over-the-top?

I never had a nursery with any of my kids. It was a combination of space and our decision to room/bed share with our kids. Also, confession — I am terrible at interior design. That doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate good inspiration — I love looking at room decor and seeing the imagination of others come out in a room. Baby nurseries are no exception.

Click through to view 20 elegant & extravagant nursery designs:

  • Elegant Girl 1 of 20
    Elegant Girl
    A combination of grey, pink and black makes an elegant decor for girls.
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  • Classic Ivory 2 of 20
    Classic Ivory
    This baby nursery is not only huge but filled with elegant materials, perfect for boy or girl.
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  • Make a Wish 3 of 20
    Make a Wish
    Simple colors paired with an extravagant and beautiful wall decor.
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  • Bright & Happy 4 of 20
    Bright & Happy
    Bright wall colors and cute owl paintings - elegant and adorable.
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  • Countryside 5 of 20
    Inspired by country decor, this nursery has a down-to-earth elegant feel.
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  • Citrus 6 of 20
    Simple white paired with bright citrus colors, perfect for boy or girl.
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  • Pretty in Pink 7 of 20
    Pretty in Pink
    A bright pink color gives this nursery an elegant and clean feel.
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  • Storybook Wishes 8 of 20
    Storybook Wishes
    Over-the-top but totally cool, this nursery brings imagination to life.
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  • Princess Theme 9 of 20
    Princess Theme
    A princess from the start, this extravagant crib paired with girly decor is perfect for a new baby girl.
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  • Old-School Elegant 10 of 20
    Old-School Elegant
    Thick, gold fabric gives this room a feel fit for royalty.
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  • Cherry Blossom Wind 11 of 20
    Cherry Blossom Wind
    Simple yet elegant with the classic furniture and beautiful wall decal.
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  • Silver Living 12 of 20
    Silver Living
    Looking for extravagant this is the pick. Silver theme throughout the room.
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  • Jungle Baby 13 of 20
    Jungle Baby
    Perfect to foster the imagination of a new baby, the elegance in this room is all in the wall paintings.
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  • Classic 14 of 20
    A more toned down elegance, this room keeps things in a soft light ivory tone.
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  • Candyland 15 of 20
    Inspired by the popular children's board game, this room is elegant, extravagant and definitely bright!
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  • Circus Blue 16 of 20
    Circus Blue
    Light blue and white wall murals frame this cute and cuddly room.
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  • Baby Boy Elegant 17 of 20
    Baby Boy Elegant
    Simple furniture paired with bright baby blue and a hint of black gives this room an elegant feel.
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  • Room for Two 18 of 20
    Room for Two
    Can't forget to splurge on the twins, this room is pure elegant right up to the light fixtures.
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  • Dark Forest 19 of 20
    Dark Forest
    Looking for something different then the bright child-like colors, this nursery takes a more adult-like feel.
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  • Bright and Quirky 20 of 20
    Bright and Quirky
    With a classic white crib, the elegance in this room is all about the wall art and fixtures.
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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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