20 Mad-Men Inspired Maternity Dresses Just in Time for Season 6

If you haven’t heard by now — and I don’t know how you couldn’t — I’ve teamed up with Jennifer Romolini, the amazing and style-savvy Editor-in-Chief of Yahoo! Shine, to bring you a series on expert maternity-fashion advice. This post is a spin-off of something she said to me when I asked her about “Then and Now” maternity looks.

You see, I’m obsessed with everything about Downton Abbey — including its fashion– and was hoping Jennifer was, too. But, when it comes to the maternity fashion of Downton Abbey, Jennifer says (and I sadly had to agree) that “those looks” are a little too boxy and the lengths are too awkward for today’s women.

So I asked her what past maternity fashion she does like, and her answer? “If I had to live in another time, I would say the early 60s Mad-Men period was a fairly great one for maternity wear.” Of course it is! This is clearly why she’s the expert and I’m, well, the admirer. Thank goodness too, because I’d otherwise have tried to dress you all in floor-length gowns. Can you imagine?

Having been inspired by Jennifer, I hopped online to see if any of the Mad-Men era maternity fashion could be gotten today. And, Jeez Louise, did I find some fabulous scores.

  • I’ve Pulled 20 Maternity Look from the 60s 1 of 21
    Which one is your favorite?
  • 1960s Empire Waist Dress 2 of 21
    Retro turquoise print and empire waist make this a perfect springtime dress.
    Order it on Etsy for $48!
  • 1960s Baby Doll Jumper Dress 3 of 21
    This is a great boxy dress that would look adorable with a high belt.
    Order it on Etsy for $42!
  • 1960s Floral Print Collar Dress 4 of 21
    Bright and fun floral pattern perfect for summer! with the cutest zip-up front and collar.
    Order it on Etsy for $54!
  • 1960s Geometric Shirtwaist Dress 5 of 21
    This classic shirtwaist dress has a great pattern, and its stretchy material lets it grow with you.
    Order it on Etsy for $23.84!
  • Vintage Phil Jacobs 2-Piece Maternity Outfit 6 of 21
    This lovely coral-colored 2-piece maternity outfit looks just like something Betty Draper would wear!
    Order it on Etsy for $89!
  • 1960s Bill Blass Picnic Dress 7 of 21
    What an adorable Bill Blass dress! I'm loving the pockets and high neckline.
    Order it on Etsy for $90!
  • Vintage Guy Laroche Blue Cotton Dress 8 of 21
    This fun and bold-patterned cotton dress is great for those stickier days.
    Order it on Etsy for $365!
  • Retro Orange + White Dress 9 of 21
    The back of this dress is absolutely darling with its neckline bow!
    Order it on Etsy for $29!
  • 1960s Empire Dress 10 of 21
    The detailing on this dress is simply to die for.
    Order it on Etsy for $65!
  • Mad Men A-line Tent Dress 11 of 21
    This is a fantastic tangerine Mad-Men style A-line dress that would wow anybody.
    Order it on Etsy for $30!
  • 1960s Single Pleat Bow Dress 12 of 21
    Lovely blue, single-pleated dress with pink and blue ribbon detailing.
    Order it on Etsy for $28!
  • 1960s Plaid Button Down 13 of 21
    Love this summery plaid pattern and button-up detail with the unique collar. Put me in it!
    Order it on Etsy for $25!
  • Denim Blue Maternity Dress 14 of 21
    Talk about a cute maternity dress! Look how sweet those ruffled sleeves are.
    Order it on Etsy for $69!
  • 1960s Single Pleat Summer Dress 15 of 21
    Love, love, love these bright colors and capped sleeves!
    Order it on Etsy for $60!
  • 1960s Mod Mini Dress 16 of 21
    This dress has a great shape with the detailed stitching from the neckline on down to the waistline. Fabulous light mocha color.
    Order it on Etsy for $39!
  • 1960s Mod Maternity Dress 17 of 21
    This maternity dress has awesome tendril details that make it flowy and give it movement. And the pattern? Amazing.
    Order it on Etsy for $65!
  • 1960s Maternity Scooter Dress 18 of 21
    Can't you just see Joan walking around the office in a dress like this? I was bummed we never actually got to see her pregnant. But if we had, she'd definitely be dressed in this number.
    Order it on Etsy for $54!
  • 1960s Retro Mod Baby Doll Dress 19 of 21
    This piece has a lot of detail, and would be perfect for those hot summer days.
    Order it on Etsy for $24!
  • 1960s Floral Baby Doll Mini Dress 20 of 21
    Great a-line trapeze dress with a fabulous neckline!
    Order it on Etsy for $44!
  • 1960s Maternity Dress Patterns 21 of 21
    And, you could always find retro fabrics and make your own dresses! How fun!
    Order it on Etsy for $7!

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