20 Reasons I Love Being a 20-Something Mom

I’m writing this for all of the younger pregnant Babble readers. Readers who might feel unprepared — not only because motherhood is scary, but because society says they’re too young. Readers whose friends are out partying, traveling, living the typical post-college (or college) life. Readers who are the first to get pregnant, without anyone to lean on or get modern advice from.

Once upon a time, being a young 20-something mom was the norm — but it’s becoming more and more unusual, depending on where you live. Now 1 in 5 U.S. women are having their first baby after the age of 35, and the average age for first-time moms in Italy, Germany, and Great Britain is 30. Here in New York, young moms are far and few between.

But I’m one of them. I’m 25 years old with an almost-3-year-old boy.

For a long time I felt insecure and embarrassed to tell people my age. When strangers learned I had a baby at home, they’d look astonished. “You don’t look old enough to have a baby! You look like a baby!”

But then I started Early Mama, where I connected with other smart, ambitious, competent young moms who faced the same issues of isolation and acceptance. And together we compiled (and we’re continuing to compile) all of the reasons to be happy about our earlier-than-the-norm lifestyle. This isn’t meant to say our way is better than their way, but just to highlight the positives for women who might feel surrounded by negative.

  • Reason #1: 10 more years with my children 1 of 10
    Reason #1: 10 more years with my children
    My #1 reason that I love being an early mom is that I get 10 more years to know and love my children. That's an extra decade of kisses, hand holding, heart tugging. An extra decade of watching my children grow into the people they're meant to be.
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  • Reason #2: More energy 2 of 10
    Reason #2: More energy
    I know this isn't exclusive to younger moms — I personally know a few 40-something moms who can run circles around me — but it's one of the most talked about reasons in the Early Mama community. We're grateful for our youthful energy.
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  • Reason #3: No ticking biological clock 3 of 10
    Reason #3: No ticking biological clock
    I always saw myself as being that 30-something woman with a blossoming career, secretly stressed about finding the right guy and settling down. I'm glad to never have felt the pressure of my biological clock.
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  • Reason #4: More time with grandparents 4 of 10
    Reason #4: More time with grandparents
    My son is lucky to have five energetic, long-life-ahead-of-them Grandparents — plus 12 Great Aunts, 10 Great Uncles, 3 Great-Grandmothers, 2 Great-Grandpas, and 1 Great-Great-Grandma.
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  • Reason #5: An early empty nest 5 of 10
    Reason #5: An early empty nest
    This is my favorite "early mama" perk. I'll be 40 when my first son goes off to college, leaving a large chunk of my life for traveling, working, enjoying my grandkids, etc.
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  • Reason #6: Less lifestyle adjustment 6 of 10
    Reason #6: Less lifestyle adjustment
    So many parents have told me that the hardest part of having a baby was the drastic lifestyle adjustment. They were used to taking vacations, having last-minute get-togethers, attending fancy cocktail parties, sleeping in on the weekends, etc. They were comfortable in their set routines. But me? I was straight out of college — so the only thing I was used to was little sleep, little money, and little time. To me, being an adult means being a mother. I don't know any differently.
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  • Reason #7: More babies! 7 of 10
    Reason #7: More babies!
    This one doesn't really apply to me, but if you've always dreamed of having a crew of kids then it's better to start early! You only have so many childbearing years for all of those pregnancies.
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  • Reason #8: A resilient body 8 of 10
    Reason #8: A resilient body
    Bouncing back from labor isn't a reason to get pregnant earlier than you originally planned — not at all — but it could be a little notch in your favor. Pregnancy also gave me a deeper respect and appreciation for my body, which is always nice to have sooner rather than later.
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  • Reason #9: Fertility 9 of 10
    Reason #9: Fertility
    Women lose 90 percent of their eggs by 30 years old, with fertility significantly dropping after 35. These are just the facts.
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  • Reason #10: Less pregnancy complications 10 of 10
    Reason #10: Less pregnancy complications
    It's no secret that pregnancy complications, for both mom and baby, rise with age.
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If you’re not an “early mama,” I encourage you to make your own list of positive reasons (more money? retirement fund? longer marriage? more maturity? your experiences traveling?). A little encouragement makes all the difference.


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