20 Ways to Enjoy Your Pregnancy

Enjoying Your Pregnancy
Don't spend 40 weeks in a gloom. Here are 20 ways to enjoy your pregnancy!

40 weeks. I know. It sounds like FOREVER. But good news is, you won’t be pregnant forever and after those 40ish weeks are complete you are a parent (or parent again!).

As hard and as long as that time seems to be, it can be done. It’s been done millions of times before. The hard part is enjoying it. Let go of your worry. Forget about the stress. Focus on enjoying this season of life.

Here are 20 Ways to Enjoy Your Pregnancy!

  • #1 Way to Enjoy Pregnancy – Wear Cute Shoes 1 of 20
    Don't feel down about your changing size. Adjust make do and always wear cute shoes.... even if they are flip flops with rhinestones.
  • #2 Way to Enjoy Pregnancy – Eat the Cake 2 of 20
    Pregnancy is the perfect excuse to not pass on the cake. Eat a salad and use those extra calories for something sweet.
  • #3 Way to Enjoy Pregnancy – Pamper Yourself 3 of 20
    Splurge during this time. Your feet may hurt, but it's nothing a great pedicure can't fix, at least temporarily.
  • #4 Way to Enjoy Pregnancy – Smile A LOT! 4 of 20
    Smiling is contagious. Glare those pearly whites and let the world know you are happy.
  • #5 Way to Enjoy Pregnancy – Ignore Others Opinions 5 of 20
    Oh pregnancy. The opinions every single person has on various topics - just ignore them. Do your own research and make your own decisions. Don't let other people's opinions get you down, this is your pregnancy not theirs!
  • #6 Way to Enjoy Pregnancy – Give Birth YOUR Way 6 of 20
    Epidural? C-Section? WHATEVER you WANT. Give birth your way. Whether you are delivering in a birthing tub, all natural or with the help of meds, Mama this is your time to shine. Just get that baby here safely and how you want it.
  • #7 Way to Enjoy Pregnancy – Do What’s Best For You and Your Baby 7 of 20
    What is best for you and the baby should be the priority during this time of pregnancy. If you need to stop working, stop working. If you need to make certain decisions, do it and don't feel guilty. Your priority is you and the baby.
  • #8 Way to Enjoy Pregnancy – Remember, You Are Beautiful 8 of 20
    Let's get real. Being pregnant doesn't mean you wake up feeling like Ms. America every day. Just know that you are beautiful. Your changing body is a work of art. It's a miracle and a blessing. Embrace the pregnant beautiful you.
  • #9 Way to Enjoy Pregnancy – Capture Your Pregnancy in Photos 9 of 20
    Remember this time with photos. Even if you don't show them to the world, having them to show your child when they are older will be a fun recollection of this time of pregnancy.
  • #10 Way to Enjoy Pregnancy – Include Loved Ones 10 of 20
    Talk about your pregnancy with your friends and family. It's amazing how a pregnancy can break down walls and bring people closer.
  • #11 Way to Enjoy Pregnancy – Buy Cute Maternity Clothes 11 of 20
    You deserve to look cute. Buy cute maternity clothes and feel your best.
  • #12 Way to Enjoy Pregnancy – Journal Your Growing Baby 12 of 20
    Remember this time and the baby growing in your belly by journaling or blogging.
  • #13 Way to Enjoy Pregnancy – Accessorize! 13 of 20
    So when the clothes start to look awkward wear a cute necklace, enjoy a darling bracelet or ring - accessorize! And the great thing is, once those baby lbs drop - you can still wear the accessories!
  • #14 Way to Enjoy Pregnancy – Connect With Your Baby 14 of 20
    Find ways to connect with your baby growing in that belly. Talk and sing to your baby.
  • #15 Way to Enjoy Pregnancy – Enjoy Your Girlfriends 15 of 20
    Once your child arrives, time with your girlfriends will be limited. Take a few nights, go out on the town and order virgin drinks. And your friends have a built in designated driver!
  • #16 Way to Enjoy Pregnancy – LAUGH! LOL 16 of 20
    LAUGHING is therapeutic. Pregnancy has all kinds of awkward moments that you can either cry or laugh at. Choose laughter. Smile. LOL! It's all humorous.
  • #17 Way to Enjoy Pregnancy – Travel 17 of 20
    If you can, travel! Enjoy this time before baby to enjoy what you can. Believe me, traveling with a baby is doable - but um.. enjoy it without while you can. 🙂
  • #18 Way to Enjoy Pregnancy – Don’t Fear Delivery 18 of 20
    People LOVE to tell horror stories, especially birthing and delivery stories. Ignore them. Don't fear delivery. All will go fine. Just breathe.
  • #19 Way to Enjoy Pregnancy – Love Your Partner 19 of 20
    Yes, you are the one carrying the baby and doing the majority of the work. Lean on your partner during this time. While physically they might not be going through what you are, chances are there's a bit of emotional strain as changes with you, your relationship and the stress of a baby can bring. Love your partner. Believe me - you'll need them those first 20 years!
  • #20 Way to Enjoy Pregnancy – Be Thankful 20 of 20
    Being pregnant is a gift. While this pregnancy may or may not have been planned, someone planned it. There are so many women who would love to have a baby of their own and can't. Be thankful for this time. The pain, the discomfort - it's all worth it. Soon you'll have a baby. Congrats Mama!

How Are YOU Enjoying Your Pregnancy?

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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