20 Week Ramblings: 9 Things I Won’t Miss About This Pregnancy

All I want to do is eat Fruity Pebbles and lay poolside. Okay, so maybe not eating Fruity Pebbles poolside but at this point, anything goes! Yesterday, I was officially halfway through my pregnancy. Can I get a big woo-hoo?! It feels like forever. But, I am thrilled to marking 20 weeks. Don’t bash me on this, please. But, with the rough pregnancy I’ve had (catch up here), I’m counting down the weeks. Even though my doctors really think I only have 14 weeks to go, I’m praying to make it full term for once and well, at this point just pass viability.  And well, I’m just dying to hold one healthy little boy and never look back.

This post was so quick for me to write which means I’m probably complaining entirely too much. But, I am SO blessed to be pregnant as I know so many don’t always have that option so, I promise — I’m really happy even though honestly, I have a list a mile long of why I won’t miss being pregnant. Don’t get me wrong, I may miss being pregnant eventually {see why here when I confessed what I will miss about being pregnant!} since this is my last one. Yes, the lucky #5!

Right now, it’s hot, I’m huge and well, I am ready for October! See just why I am seriously counting down the days, after the jump! 

  • Eating and feeling like I swallowed an elephant. 1 of 9
    Eating and feeling like I swallowed an elephant.
    Yes, I eat a Cheerios and feel full. It's uncomfortable and not fun. Especially when the doctor is telling me to put on weight for once. To bad I am not as cute as the elehant above.
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  • Not sleeping on my stomach… 2 of 9
    Not sleeping on my stomach...
    I am a hard core stomach sleeper. Not being able to sleep on my stomach means no sleep for me!
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  • Emotionally Drained 3 of 9
    Emotionally Drained
    If you have been following me from the start, it's been one thing after the next from loosing a twin to pre-term labor. I am tired of going to the doctors just to add something high-risk to the list. It's already long enough.
    Image via Sara Cox
  • I need my mojo back! 4 of 9
    I need my mojo back!
    I've lost serious motivation. Well, at times. Some days, I just want to sleep and well - that so is not me! Usually my days are so full but with being on bed rest - it's put a damper on my feelings. Reminding myself to breathe, relax + stay calm.
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  • Sleep, Where Are Thou? 5 of 9
    Sleep, Where Are Thou?
    I'm exhausted but can't sleep. I meet with 4am entirely to often. And sometimes, I fall asleep to early when I have a list a mile along. I just want to be back on a regular schedule. And well no sleep, it's just not a good look for me.
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  • It’s Only June 6 of 9
    It's Only June
    And I have two very hot months to go. I love the summer but this time around, I'm feeling hot and miserable. Not sure how me + the bump are going to make it!
  • Hello Swollen Feet 7 of 9
    Hello Swollen Feet
    I've hardly gained any weight and I'm downing water. For the first time ever, I almost have no ankles.
  • I miss picking up my Littles. 8 of 9
    I miss picking up my Littles.
    One of the doctors orders is no lifting which means, I can'tpick up any of them -- which I loved to do. I can't wait to grab them and spin them around!
  • I actually miss cleaning. 9 of 9
    I actually miss cleaning.
    I know, I can't believe it either but I miss being able to clean and do things on my own. Sometimes, I just want the dishes done a little faster.
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