21 Weeks and Counting

It seems like my pregnancy is just flying right on by. I was 21 weeks on Sunday of this week meaning I have roughly 18 weeks until my daughter graces us with her presence. When I break it down into numbers like that the maternal panic button I harbor eternally starts to go off and I switch into nesting mode.

Or at least that would be happening had someone not gifted me their horrible cold for Christmas. Whoever did this, I just want to thank you because this is almost the best gift I got…

While I got a lot of stuff done for the baby already, the room that has been our spare bedroom is still a wreck, as it is our storage room. One of those rooms you just open the door and throw boxes, and whatnot in and close the door. Right now we have boxed up baby swings, bouncers, and all kinds of goodness for little miss in there, while we wait on our crib, paint colors, and all the other details of what is going to be my best decorating project yet.

But my “baby bucket list” has a lot more on it that I must get done in the next few weeks:

  • Buy an infant car seat
  • Invest in a new stroller
  • Obviously get her nursery ready
  • Buy her clothes (and go through my boy’s stuff packed away to see what I can use for a little girl out of their hand me downs)
  • Have one night child free with my husband – Dinner, a movie, and a nice peaceful night sleep, or what I can consider a good night sleep now that I am getting to the point I am not comfortable in bed)
  • Work on frozen meals
  • Work on pre-writing blog posts for my website, and here (you know you will be waiting for pictures and details!)
  • Take a prenatal yoga or dance class – This isn’t a must but I really would like to do it.
  • Get maternity pictures done
  • Wash all of the bedding for our co-sleeper she will be residing in for the first couple weeks/months.
  • Sit for my Lamaze Certification in April… Which is now up in the air because it is April 22nd.  I may cry over that… I don’t want to wait till October to sit!
  • Organize my desk as well as my bedroom – Anyone want to come over and help?  I will make tasty treats!

I mean, I am sure there is more, but honestly, I feel like my brain is oozing directly out of my left ear at this point in time. Mind you, all of the above are only what is left over on my to do list, not including the dozen things I have already had the pleasure to cross off!


Since my last real pregnancy update I posted here around 16 weeks, a ton has gone on. We found out we are having a little girl, I successfully passed my first 1 hour glucose test at 17ish weeks, yes I was tested early because I had gestational diabetes with my youngest son. Oh, my sciatica has kicked in, and I feel like my belly blew up over night… although the sweater I wore on Christmas made me look considerably bigger…

My husband snapped that picture when I wasn’t looking… although I was 1 day shy of 21 weeks, I was finally taking my 20 week belly picture with my cute counting stickers from Picky Sticky.

Cravings: Greek Salad, Strawberry milk, I had a bought with the McRib that ended pretty bad, Seltzer water, Feta cheese… the list goes on… I mean cravings… they are a dozen a day.

We thought we had decided on a baby name, we had it down to Liberty Ann or Caroline Ann (and we would call her Carly) but both have gone out the window again. I need a name that I love and I am not finding one. I have a feeling this baby may not have a name until she is born and we actually see her.

I have 18 weeks left. While I do not like the fact that I know what day she will be here (unless she has other plans) but I think it will help me to be a little more ready. When I went into labor with Ben I was not ready at all!

There you have it folks… half way through my pregnancy you have had a front row seat in thus far. Who would have thought this little unplanned accident would bring such joy to our family.

photo: Myself and my beautiful cousin Courtney being silly on Christmas

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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