22 Weeks Pregnant – Sleep Where Are You?

22 weeks pregnant

This week marks 22 weeks of pregnancy. Not quite sure how I got here, oh yeah that’s right.

Sleep, I MISS YOU. 

The lack of sleep is catching up with me. Between still recovering from being out of town, insomnia, anemia, PEEING, 3 kids and a load of stress – this mom is ready to buy a hyperbolic chamber and disappear for a few days into La-La land. If it were only that easy!

My daughter's drawing of me 22 weeks pregnant
My daughter's drawing of me
My Baby

All is good with our little Quatro (what we call baby #4). I’m growing fine and other than this lack of sleep piece, I shouldn’t be complaining.

According to Babble’s My Pregnancy Guide, my baby is the size of a coconut. A coconut? Feels and looks more like I’m carrying a watermelon, but whatever.

The Family

The older kids are excited to be welcoming a new baby. My daughter adores me pregnant, see drawing. She talks about, next time when I’m pregnant – I think she really thinks we’re going to have 10 kids. She should know by now not to take me serious.

My oldest son, kisses my belly each night and several times a day, comes over and just starts talking to it, “Hi Quatro, It’s your big brother!” or some other sweet innocent message.

Our baby turned 1 year. He is oblivious to what’s in store for him.

Water, My Best Friend & Enemy

Typical, non-pregnant Molly is terrible at drinking water. Pregnant Molly dies without it. Seriously, I start panting like a puppy and my stomach cramps and the need for water has me pulling into wherever to purchase it. But with all this water drinking, the water becomes my enemy. The peeing must stop! As mentioned before, I pee all the time. The more pregnant I get, I really think the more I pee. Last night’s wake up count, 4 times! Yep, 4 times in 6 hours of sleep, I woke up to pee. LOVELY!

Bring It On 23 Weeks!
Does anyone know, can you rent hyperbolic chambers?
Article Posted 6 years Ago

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