22 Weeks Pregnant: Stats, Symptoms, and Pictures

Being 22 weeks pregnant was lovely. So wonderful that I’m a little sad to see it go, but I can hardly believe tomorrow will be 23 weeks!

These past few days, our family spent time together, and we spent time with friends, and we saw our little boy at the anatomy ultrasound.

Click through to see what being 22 weeks pregnant (and some of 21) was like for me:

  • Real Life 1 of 16

    21 weeks. I posted about this on my blog as well, I figured you all might as well see the real life deal - no filters or cropping or thinning angles. 

  • At Home 2 of 16

    I ordered Bella the Melissa and Doug paint set for her easel. She's completely obsessed with painting. Here she made apples and a "smiley" face. 

  • Besties 3 of 16

    We've lived in El Paso nearly 2 years and the zoo train has always been down for repairs. This week it finally was up and running, so Bella and her best friend (they are 7 weeks apart) were able to take a short trip on it. 

  • Morbid Child 4 of 16

    "Fox is dead Mama. Now the chompers need eat it."


    Here I thought Disney Earth was about the cute babies lol. 

  • Fla-bingos 5 of 16

    Watching Disney's Crimson Wing with her fla-bingo. Named Bingo. She adores this movie. I'm a wuss and have to fast forward the parts where the babies are eaten or die. 

  • Waiting for Baby 6 of 16

    This was the first ultrasound we've taken Bella to. She was excited to see her little brother, but of course being 3 she was only interested in about the first 30 seconds of the screen. The rest of the time she told me she was still hungry. 

  • Little Boy 7 of 16

    21 weeks and 5 days! Everything looked great on the ultrasound, and it was so fun to see his little profile shot, feet, and hands. 

  • Cravings 8 of 16

    I crave fruit so much. So when Sam took us to YogoBerry the other night after dinner, I loaded up. 

  • 21 Weeks! 9 of 16

    Taken at exactly 21 weeks while we were seeing Curious George! I love my Old Navy skirt and top from Stitch Fix

  • The Flu 10 of 16

    There should be a ban on moms/moms-to-be getting sick. Ever. Or that insurance covers it with spa days until you feel better. Last weekend I came down with a 24 hour bug and it was awful. I was very thankful Sam was home, even though he seemed to sense it was his time to relax as well...

  • Planning 11 of 16

    My Pottery Barn Kids catalog arrived (also known in our home as simply DANGER), and I spent a morning oogling over a tiny elephant nursery collection. Can I afford it all? No. Are we moving soon? Yes. But it's fun to dream and plan and pick out a few special pieces. 

  • Cloth Diapers 12 of 16

    I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to cloth diapers. There were around 150 in this stash alone and still about 1/3 more in Bella's room we use on her at night. This weekend her and I sorted through ones that needed to be fixed and which our little boy could wear in the first few months he was home. 

  • New Hair 13 of 16

    On Monday I treated myself to a spa day. I had a prenatal massage, pedicure, manicure, and then had my hair done. Chopped off and I love it. Considering it's already in the high 80's/low 90's each day here, I can't imagine regretting this style any time soon.

  • 22 weeks! 14 of 16

    22 weeks 4 days and moving along! I feel like each time I take a picture I am GINORMOUS but then I flip back through and think, "I wasn't that huge..."

    I can't wait to see how massive this belly gets by the end. Bring it 40 weeks. 

  • Fries 15 of 16

    If you're a foodie, this might really make you want to hurl, but my cravings for  McDonalds have reached epic proportions this pregnancy. On my way to therapy Tuesday, I had to stop at 10:30 in the morning to grab these, and only these, at the drive through. Then I sat in my therapists parking lot and ate them all in under 5 minutes. It was both disgusting and delicious, as only fast food can be.

  • Creating 16 of 16

    I finally chose a yarn and pattern to make our son a hat. It will be knitted up the sides at the end for a pointy ears type of look. Each stitch is a prayer for his safety and growth. 


How Far Along: 22 weeks and 6 days!

Baby is the size of a: Papaya

Sleep: My hips KILL me these last few weeks when I sleep. I’ll wake up around 2 AM just barely able to turn over or get up.

Total Weight Gain: 5 lbs.

Stretch Marks:  I can see my old, faded ones beginning to reappear on my stomach.

Innie or Outie: Can “small cave” qualify? It never has popped, just stretches.

Symptoms: Heartburn. The other night I ate way too much pasta with red sauce and it was like a volcano in my esophagus all night. Also still nauseated, although less.

Movement: Constant, last night I was actually able to see my stomach move for the first time as he kicked!

Maternity Clothes: All of them.

Go-to eats: Pasta. McDonalds. Anything salty. Almost never sweets – once in a great while I want a shake, but it’s unusual. Fruit. Pineapple and watermelon especially.

Best moment of the week: Our big ultrasound where everything looked wonderful. And we were told again, this is a little boy.

Gender: BOY!!!!!

What I’m looking forward to: 24 weeks.

Milestones: Someone ::side eyes stomach:: is producing meconium this week.

Photo Credit: istockphotos.com and my own

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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