24-Hour Urine Collection Test

Look to your immediate left. Isn’t that a lovely orange jug?

Right now, I have an orange container exactly like the ones pictured here, sitting in my refrigerator, filled with every ounce of urine that I have produced today. Great, right?

At my 37-week OB appointment yesterday, it was discovered that my blood pressure is apparently through-the-roof. It was one of those situations when the nurse first asks you to pull up your sleeve, and then they try the other arm, and then they force you to sit alone in the room for fifteen minutes to relax before trying again.

I am also having a little swelling in my feet at this stage in my pregnancy, so my doctor ordered that I do a 24-hour urine collection in order to test for protein in my urine.

At this point in pregnancy, protein in urine can be a sign of preeclampsia when it’s accompanied by high blood pressure.

Depending on the results of my test, we may have to look at delivering the baby early.

After having my cervix checked, I also found out that I am still not dilated at all. Double bummer.

I know that I may have a few weeks left, but I am really starting to get tired, and even a little depressed.

Did you have to take a 24-hour urine collection test? How did it turn out?

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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