24 Weeks Pregnant: Stats, Symptoms, and Pictures

24 weeks pregnant! I made it and passed it as of tomorrow. This was a HUGE past week for us. We had the one year anniversary of losing our twins, viability for this little boy, walking at the March of Dimes after reaching our fundraising goal, and then just the rest of life in general.

Thankfully we haven’t announced this little boy’s name publicly yet because we’ve already changed it up. Last time was the final one though. I think once we have my maternity photos done, we’ll do the announcement that way.

It’s really – strange? – to be this far along. I’m starting to think about labor and delivery, bringing home a baby, all the things that come along with that instead of just the fear of losing another pregnancy. So far everything still looks great, which is also strange after two high risk pregnancies!

I’m thankful to be here and as far as I am. Here is our past week in pictures!

  • One Year 1 of 19
    24 weeks-1

    Last Friday was one year since my twins were born at 20 weeks and only lived a short time. It was a hard day in some ways, but in others a good one. It's almost unbelievable to think it's been an entire year already, and how much has changed since then. 

  • Waiting for Story 2 of 19
    24 weeks-2

    Bella waiting for me to tuck her in and read her a story before bed. 

  • We Did It! 3 of 19
    24 weeks-3

    I can't believe how much we all managed to raise in 6 short days! $1,125 for the March of Dimes walk! Thank you to all of you that donated and shared about this, it meant a lot to me to show up there with my goal met. 

  • March of Dimes 4 of 19
    24 weeks-4

    This was our first time walking in the March of Dimes. Although we signed up last minute and had no idea what to do once we got there, it turned out to be a very healing time for both Sam and I as we walked in memory of our twins, our current baby, and each child that is born too soon. 

  • Shy 5 of 19
    24 weeks-5

    Bella got to meet this pony at March of Dimes. She was so shy with it, it kept trying to high five and she kept shrinking back into the stroller. 🙂

  • Helicopter Ride 6 of 19
    24 weeks-6

    Getting a ride (on the ground) in the helicopter our hospital uses to transport the tiniest patients. Bella loves planes and helicopters so she thought this was pretty amazing. 

  • Real Life 7 of 19
    24 weeks-7

    This was a morning that nothing had gone right. From tempter tantrums to a messy house that I just kept picking up. I finally reheated my coffee for the 3rd time, sat down, and read my Kindle. Life was exactly the same a little while later, just my attitude was a bit better. 

  • Bee Stings 8 of 19
    24 weeks-8

    Bella had her second bee sting ever. The first was on our Disney cruise last year. Both times it was due to her "playing" with a bee, quietly, where no one knew she was. Then it stung her. 

  • Reason 1273 I Love My Husband 9 of 19
    24 weeks-9

    My husband can cook. And bake. And grill. I mean, seriously, he is like amazing with what he comes up with off the top of his head at times. It also never ceases to floor me how he uses the grill and I'm afraid to touch it because it might blow up. 

  • Creepy Cat 10 of 19
    24 weeks-10

    Every night Mews sits here. Refusing to be touched. Waiting for us to go to sleep so she can settle in at our feet. Her stare is creepy. Sam says she's waiting for us to die so she can eat our faces off. Like the cats in Iraq.

  • Yogi 11 of 19
    24 weeks-11

    Bella loves to do yoga with me. My prenatal ones are a bit slower and easier for her to copy. Good form huh?

  • Homeschool 12 of 19
    24 weeks-12

    We are homeschooling our children, and this year we've started Five in a Row with Bella. We read Ping and then she glued little ducks to the "Yangtze River" on the paper. 

  • Bump it Up 13 of 19
    24 weeks-13

    This support cami from Blanqi came in the mail - let me tell you. It's a game changer for pregnancy. The support it provides by just lifting up your stomach is incredible. I feel 10 baby pressure pounds lighter when I wear it under my clothes. Huge plus - I can wear my own bra with it. 

  • Lovies 14 of 19
    24 weeks-14

    Bella and her "Bingo" and the Hoho from the talented LittleBitFunky on Instagram. 

  • Zoo Day 15 of 19
    24 weeks-15

    My friend Tanya and I took the kids to the zoo one day this past week. 

  • Ping 16 of 19
    24 weeks-16

    Reading Ping together brings back memories of my own childhood and teaching, but really the tiny toes in this photo just kill me. 

  • Sewing. Ish. 17 of 19
    24 weeks-18

    So this quilt was made by a 90 year old woman for me nearly 30 years ago when I was born. Bella showed me the holes in it (she apparently has given it significantly more "love" than I did) and I'm doing my best to sew them up. It isn't pretty, all of her original stitches were inside the quilt there I can't get to, but it's special to know that her hands did this work for me so long ago, and mine are here now.

  • Water Baby 18 of 19
    24 weeks-17

    You give Bella water and a couple of toys and you've for a few hours to yourself outside. She could live in water, just like her Daddy. 

  • 24 weeks 6 days 19 of 19
    24 weeks-19

    I can't believe how close 3rd trimester is. Or that I've made it this far! Shirt is from StitchFix, support tank from Blanqi


How Far Along: 24 weeks and 6 days!

Baby is the size of a: Cantaloupe

Sleep: Still the hip hurt. Throw in the gut wrenchingly painful leg cramps (WHERE do those come from?!) and you’ve got some sleep issues.

Total Weight Gain: 7 lbs.

Stretch Marks: Yes. And new ones. Very red. Very stretchy. Mostly on my stomach but also backs of my legs and boobs.

Innie or Outie: I think that this time might result in an outie. I’m getting closer to being just flat, but there is so much longer to go I can’t see that lasting long. Honestly? It’s creepy.

Movement: All the time. This kid is like an acrobat. I feel awkward sitting next to strangers because I feel like they’re going to move away from me in case an alien bursts through my stomach.

Maternity Clothes: All of them.

Go-to eats: Fries. Volcano nachos from Taco Bell. Milk. Cereal. Fruit. Pasta.

Best moment of the week: 

Gender: BOY!!!!!

What I’m looking forward to: Third trimester!

Milestones: Less opaque skin and more pink!

Photo Credit: and my own

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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