25 Beautiful Photos From A Timeless, Classic and Fun Newborn Photo Shoot

Watch out Anne Geddes!

Meet Kim Flores. She is the amazing photographer of Whimsy Baby Photo who is responsible for these breath taking photos of our baby boy, Grayson.

On Monday, Grayson turned one week old and we decided to celebrate by taking his newborn photos. I love taking newborn photos in the first few weeks because they are such a great memory for you to always have as you watch your child grow. And well, this is the first time we’ve done them professionally. If you are going to spend the money on professional photos of your Little I would definitely recommend doing so in the first few weeks because they make for great birth announcements too! And well, they are just so much fun.¬†Over my pregnancy I purchased a few things that I wanted to include on this special day but with the help of my photographers beautiful props, these pictures turned out better than I could have ever expected. I just love them! And I hope you do too and they inspire your upcoming newborn photo session.

After the jump, browse through a few of my favorites from a day we will cherish forever. I may be partial but I think quite a few our worth pinning to Pinterest! Kim did an amazing job!

  • Love This Hat 1 of 25
    During the 3 hour photo session, per my photographers request, I had to stay atleast 2 feet away. This helps for a happy baby! If you are too close by, they smell you. So, my favorite part was seeing poses and props used that I didn't even see her use. LOVE great surprises!
  • Our Little Monkey 2 of 25
    Grayson is down to 4lbs 15 ounces and while this hat is newborn size, it was a little big. She totally made it work and I love that she captured this yawn. Adorable! Sock monkey hat purchased from Etsy via M Roche Crochet
  • Classic 3 of 25
    So tiny and just precious!
  • Upclose Soft Touch 4 of 25
    I love the simplicity of this photo.
  • So Little 5 of 25
    I love the little wrinkles and how he looks like a little man in this photo. This tiny little guy just melts my heart!
  • Too Cute 6 of 25
    for words! I was thrilled and had to pick my mouth off my keyboard when I saw this picture. I mean seriously, the pose is just oh-so-cute.
  • A Little Prop 7 of 25
    Goes a long way! Like this basket. Something so small in the photo makes for a great pose with an easy prop. He looks so peaceful!
  • Color and Black and White 8 of 25
    It's always nice for your photographer to give you the option in both color vs. black and white. It can easily change the entire image.
  • It’s Hard Work 9 of 25
    I could never capture these images. It is hard work to get these shots! And that includes a studio with blast heat. I think hers hit 100 degrees. Kim did such a good job and all of her poses are just perfect.
  • Gotta Have a Bowtie 10 of 25
    Obviously he can wear a headband so we opted for a bowtie. It was a must! His very first bowtie purchased from Etsy via Petite Peanut Boutique
  • Timeless 11 of 25
    I love the white. LOVE! It's just so timeless and classic. I couldn't stop staring.
  • Peaceful 12 of 25
    He really was so content! I think he loved those wraps since he is a big fan of being swaddled.
  • The Details 13 of 25
    and those hands! AH. So cute. Yet such a simple pose!
  • Baby Blues 14 of 25
    to match his dark blue eyes. For now! Who knows what they will be.
  • Brown Hued 15 of 25
    The brown on brown really shows off the focal point; Grayson!
  • Look at That Face 16 of 25
    I just love those little cheeks.
  • Meet Jax 17 of 25
    Grayson and Jax are both preemies. Jax, short for Jackson was born at 34 weeks and is Kim's son. Grayson was born just a few days shy of Jax's original due date! But now, they are almost 8 weeks apart. They have a lot in common! Both boys have 4 older sisters!
  • Football Fan 18 of 25
    Believe it or not, I love football too! My husband though however couldn't wait to get this outfit on him. Again, he was swimming in the leg warmers but Kim totally made it work! He is ready for football season. Football legwarmers purchased from Etsy via Kaka Baka Redskins Onesie purchased from Etsy via Embroidery World Adorable Redskins hat from Kimberose
  • Sweet Dreams 19 of 25
    Thankfully he slept through most of the shoot which is perfect for all these fancy poses.
  • Look at The Little Toes 20 of 25
    This is one of my favorites. I love how the wrap is just laying across him. So simple and sweet.
  • Our Little Angel 21 of 25
    Really takes after our 17 month old here. He looks a lot like his little sister Sadie who looks just like my hubs. We shall see!
  • Black and White 22 of 25
    Are always great! Love them.
  • So Fun 23 of 25
    I love this hat. I just had to share another shot with it. Browse Etsy for fun hats like this one to include in your photo shoot.
  • Little Bum 24 of 25
    It doesn't get any smaller than that little tush! I love his little wrinkles. Such a little guy!
  • Grayson Henry Charles 25 of 25
    You truly a prince in our kingdom!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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