25 Boy Names That Make Gorgeous Girl Names

There’s something arresting and powerful about the name James for a woman. It’s probably my favorite male name that I’ve started to hear in connection with women. In fact, as Nameberry notes, giving girls names that have been 100% associated with men in the past is all the rage.

Not as common? Girl names being used for boys. Which is a shame because it works just as well.  You can find 25 girl names that make for solid, cool boy names right here.

Many names for boys that work for girls are of the unisex variety, but that’s not what this list is about. This list contains names mostly associated with boys that are gaining popularity for girls. In fact, the stronger the name–like James–the better I think it sounds on a girl.

Below you’ll find 25 100% masculine names that I think make strong girl names as well.

  • James 1 of 29

    As already mentioned, this is one of the more popular male names gaining steam among the girl crowd.

  • Carter 2 of 29

    Often associated with last names, as well as a boy name, this name is a perfect choice for those wanting to bestow a male moniker on their little girl.

  • Kyle 3 of 29

    Kyle Richards from "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" has made this name popular in the past three years.

  • Cory 4 of 29

    Short and cute for a sweet little girl.

  • Cody 5 of 29

    I knew a girl Cody (and about 10 boy Codys) growing up in high school and I always thought this name sounded so exotic and cool.

  • Devan 6 of 29

    Babble's own Devan McGuinness sports this sassy name. It's one I'd definitely consider for my own little girl.

  • Andy 7 of 29

    Not a nickname for Andrea... Just straight up Andy. Cute and fun.

  • Brett 8 of 29

    Feels kinda southern doesn't it?

  • Chris 9 of 29

    Not Kris and not short for Christine.

  • Daryl 10 of 29

    I've always loved this name which gained notoriety after blonde bombshell Daryl Hannah made the Hollywood scene in the 80s

  • Max 11 of 29

    Not short for Maxine, just plain Max. Or you can take the Jessica Simpson route and go with Maxwell. Both are sassy choices for a girl.

  • Eddie 12 of 29

    Kind of like Edie--like Edie Falco--but more masculine.

  • Dale 13 of 29

    Like I said, the more masculine the better it works, somehow.

  • Shawn 14 of 29

    This makes for a gorgeous girl name.

  • Ryan 15 of 29

    I've considered this name myself when mulling over girl names.

  • Carson 16 of 29

    Hip and sassy, even though it's an old name most often associated with surnames.

  • Stevie 17 of 29

    Try and argue with Stevie Nicks, I dare you.

  • Logan 18 of 29

    My husband likes this one. Says it sounds "intellectual" and "wise." A solid endorsement.

  • Alex 19 of 29

    Just plain Alex, not short for Alexandra or Alexis.

  • Colby 20 of 29

    This or Coby works out well for any little girl or woman.

  • Rory 21 of 29

    Another short and sweet masculine moniker for the ladies.

  • Ray 22 of 29

    I don't like this one for men, but for some reason it speaks to me on a feminine level.

  • Scott 23 of 29

    I love this one. In fact, F. Scott Fitzgerald named his only daughter Scott and called her Scottie.

  • Arlo 24 of 29

    This might be my favorite name on this list. It's short, cute, fun... Everything you want a little girl's name to be and yet I can picture a grown woman sporting this as well.

  • Owen 25 of 29

    Never thought of it for a girl but it's great, isn't it?

  • Wyatt 26 of 29

    I would never, in a million years, think of this for a girl--but I absolutely love it.

  • Wesley 27 of 29

    This seems like an intellectual kind of girl's name, right? Would you consider naming your daughter Wesley?

  • Dylan 28 of 29

    Love, love, love.

  • Lou 29 of 29

    Heidi Klum named her daughter Lou. It's strange to note that when I hear the name Lou I envision an aging, balding man, or an adorable little girl. But it works.

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