25 Comic Book-Inspired Baby Boy Names

Comic books are filled with interesting characters and alter egos. If you are seeking baby boy name inspiration, put on your cape and click through for a variety of strong classic names and a handful of edgy ones. Find one that suits your style while honoring your geekdom at the same time.

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I love looking through baby names, and comic books provide lots of ideas. You could just settle on Hero (a unisex baby name) and be done with it, but where's the fun in that? I vetted a list with a mix of classic, edgy and trendy names inspired by characters in Marvel and DC Comics.
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Friends and family who help keep superhero alter egos a secret have their own super abilities, like loyalty. And who's more loyal than Bruce Wayne's (aka Batman) butler Alfred?
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For something a little bolder and fitting for fearless little boys, there's Blaze. Inspired by Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze.
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Meaning "from the brushwood thicket," the name Bruce is a strong sounding single syllable boys' name. While not as popular as it once was, it was still in the top 500 in 2012. If you are a Batman fan, you could use Bruce Wayne for baby's first and middle name.
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Superman has a lot of ideal qualities I hope to instill in my children. Be tad more subtle by naming your little man Clark. You could even use Kent for his middle name, but don't be surprised if he likes to rip off his shirt in favor of his cape. This name is seeing a return in rising popularity.
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If you are looking for something a little different than Edward, perhaps you'll like Edwin. It sounds like an old fashioned name, but was ranked in the top 300 boys' names in 2012. It is inspired by Edwin Jarvis, Tony "Iron Man" Stark's butler.
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Sometimes short and sweet makes the biggest impact, like Hal. Often used as a nickname for Harold or Henry, it fits in with the nickname turned name crowd. It is inspired by Harold "Hal" Jordan, aka the Green Lantern.
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It's a bird. .. it's a plane ... No, it's superbaby! Encourage your son to embrace his super powers by naming him after Superman himself: Kal-El. Upon hearing or seeing it, fellow fans will know your inspiration. Others may just think it's a little out of this world.
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Why should Clark have all the fun? Kent, Superman's alter ego's surname, works just as well as a first name. It means "edge" and is another short, one syllable name.
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One of the most well known villains from the Superman comics is Lex Luthor. Being short and ending with "X" makes Lex trendy and edgy. Another option is to use the name Alexander with Lex as his nickname.
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Fans of the X-Men's Wolverine may be inspired to use the name Logan despite its immense popularity. Logan was the name Wolverine gave himself before uncovering his real name, James Howlett. First and middle name pairing ideas include James Logan or Logan James.
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Some super villains are misunderstood, especially when burdened with glorious purpose. Loki is a villain many Marvel's The Avengers fans love to hate and hate to love. While there may be strong character association with the name, I still like it.
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If names can impart good virtues then Noble is a good contender, though Nobel Kale (Ghost Rider) may not be the most shining example of nobility.
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Inspired by the real name of Spider-Man villain, Doctor Octopus (aka Otto Octavius), Octavius is a great choice if you like Roman names.
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Another Norse mythology name option is Odin. His name conveys strength, power and wisdom. He is a major Norse god, the ruler of Asgard and the father or Thor and Loki.
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O names seem to be fairly trendy right now and Oliver is pretty stylish. Keep your little one on target with this name inspired by Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow.
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Doctor Octopus (aka Otto Octavius) has inspired another name on this list. Otto might seem a little out there, but it seems to be coming back in style.
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Spider-Man fans who desire something other than Peter may consider his surname Parker as a first name. It's in the top 100 and works as a girl name too.
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Peter is still a classic popular boys' name shared by the alter ego of our web slinging friend, Spider-Man.
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Remy sounds modern and chic. Inspired by the alter ego of X-Men member Gambit, he'll fit his name perfectly when he becomes a bouncing ball of energy as a toddler. He's also likely to play a mean game of 52 Card Pick Up.
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Surnames for names is a growing trend Rhodes is inspired by Tony "Iron Man" Stark's friend, James Rhodes, who also goes by the nickname Rhodey.
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Ronin is a modern sounding name growing in popularity. It's also one of Clint "Hawkeye" Barton's aliases. Taken from the Japanese term for masterless samurai, Ronin is an identity shared between a few Marvel characters.
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Pay homage to one of the most prolific comic book creators of all time by naming your little guy Stan Lee or Stanley.
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Thor, the Norse God of Thunder, has a strong character association with Marvel's The Avengers. May your little one be as strong and kind-hearted. Variations to consider include Tor and Thoren.
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Inspired by Vance Astrovik (aka Justice or Marvel Boy), Vance is a nice short name that isn't overly popular. It's also an alternative to Vince or Lance.
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X names have been getting a lot of love lately, so why not consider Xavier? Inspired by Charles Xavier aka Professor X of Marvel's X-Men.
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