25 Girl Names That Make Great Boy Names

One of the hottest naming trends for little girls right now is bestowing them with boy names. That’s right, names you’d typically associate with boys are being given to adorable, little girls.

And it works.

You can find 25 boy names that make for hip, gorgeous girl names right here.

Not as popular, but still just as cool, are girl names for boys. In fact, a quick look at history shows us that some of the most sought after men had names we traditionally link to women: Ashley from Gone With The Wind and Laurie from Little Women spring immediately to mind. And don’t forget one of Johnny Cash’s greatest songs, “A Boy Named Sue.”

Below you’ll find 25 more traditionally feminine names that I think make strong male names as well.

  • Adrian 1 of 24

    Actor Adrian Brody has no problem with this traditionally female moniker.

  • Shannon 2 of 24

    Even though I don't really like this name for a girl, I really dig it for a guy.

  • Avery 3 of 24
  • Ashley 4 of 24

    While this name may sound entirely too feminine for a lot of people they might be surprised to learn it used to be a fairly common men's name.

  • Aubrey 5 of 24

    Wild West! There's something about the name Aubrey that sounds very Western to me.

  • Addison 6 of 24

    Sounds a bit like an intellectual? I still prefer this one for girls.

  • Stacey 7 of 24

    Call me crazy, but I like this one for guys. I mean, it's a centimeter away from Casey... What is it about certain names that makes us associate them with one gender or another other than tradition?

  • Leslie 8 of 24

    Not entirely uncommon for a dude to be called Leslie...

  • Harper 9 of 24

    Fan of To Kill A Mockingbird and Scout or Jem aren't your thing? You could go with Radley, Atticus or Harper, after the book's famous author, Harper Lee.

  • Tracey 10 of 24

    Again, much like Stacey I don't see a problem with Tracey--although others may beg to differ.

  • Bailey 11 of 24

    An adorable choice for a little guy.

  • Carol 12 of 24

    Carroll O'Connor, star of the groundbreaking seventies sitcom "All In The Family," made this name cool for dudes. And it wasn't even his real first name. His given name was John Carroll O'Connor.

  • Courtney 13 of 24

    I like this one better for guys than girls.

  • Izzy 14 of 24

    Love this name for a guy. Slick, snazzy and cool.

  • Mackenzie 15 of 24

    This one borders on unisex, but I think we mostly hear it in connection with women so I put it on the list. Can always go by Mack!

  • Madison 16 of 24

    A very solid American name we tend to associate with girls or surnames but I think makes for a fantastic boy name.

  • Marion 17 of 24

    Not a fan, but I can see why some people might like it.

  • Paisley 18 of 24

    It's country singer Brad Paisley's last name, why not make it a first name for boys as well?

  • Sidney 19 of 24

    A traditionally feminine name perhaps made most famous as a boy name by the legendary actor Sidney Poitier. A solid choice.

  • Taryn 20 of 24

    One of my best friends growing up was named Taryn, but I like it equally well for boys.

  • Peyton 21 of 24

    Another one that could be considered unisex but that I associate with girls more than boys. What do you prefer it for: girls or boys?

  • Shelly 22 of 24

    Our perception of this name is largely feminine but I really like it for a man.

  • Jamie 23 of 24

    Lots of men named James go by Jamie but I'm talking about naming your son Jamie.

  • Gayle 24 of 24

    Gayle is a great name for a guy. But now that I think about it, the Y makes it feminine. Maybe Gale would be better... Or Gail? What do you think?

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