25 Little Known and Somewhat Embarrassing Facts About Me

Given that I’ve been writing here for a while now, it only seems natural that I should share a little more about me than just the pregnancy stuff. After all, I lived 28 crazy years before getting knocked up, so trust me, there is plenty to share.

I know some of you will be disappointed, but only about half of it is embarrassing. To be fair, I’ve overshared enough here now that I think my embarrassment bone is broken.

I’m sure that some of these aren’t a big surprise to all of you, but they’re definitely 25 things that the average person doesn’t know about me. Or that they don’t want to know about me. It’s hard to say.

  • 1. I had brain surgery 1 of 25
    1. I had brain surgery
    This is probably the least surprising to the most of you, but in 2007, I had surgery on my brain and cervical spine. I have a condition known as Chiari Malformation, the easiest explanation of which is that my skull/brain were not formed exactly right, so there wasn't enough room in my skull for the lowest part of the brain. At some point before the age of 22, my brain herniated into my spinal canal. We found it when I began having a series of vision, balance and strength issues, plus a slew of absolutely horrible headaches. Since my surgery things have been far from rosy, but I'm always well aware that they could be way worse.
  • 2. I haven’t thrown up in 18 years 2 of 25
    2. I haven't thrown up in 18 years
    I have come incredibly close, but thanks to a pretty severe case of emetophobia and a tendency to avoid food/drink like the plague when nauseous, I've been spared since the 5th grade. It's going to be a sad day when this streak ends. Please don't remind me that puking is common during labor.
  • 3. I lived in New Orleans for 3 years 3 of 25
    3. I lived in New Orleans for 3 years
    My husband went to medical school in New Orleans, so for 3 of his 4 years (his first year he was in Houston because of Hurricane Katrina and I was in CA finishing a degree) of school, we lived in the Big Easy. And it was absolutely awesome. We loved our time there and frequently miss it pretty fiercely.
  • 4. I used to be a teacher 4 of 25
    4.  I used to be a teacher
    I did a year of substitute and student teaching before 3 years of teaching at an 8-12th grade private high school. I loved working with the kids, but teaching was just not for me. Hence my going back to school.
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  • 5. I have a degree in history 5 of 25
    5.  I have a degree in history
    In one of my smarter moves I got my bachelor's degree in history. In case you wondered what you can do with a degree in history, the answer is not very much. I couldn't even teach history with it for several years because all the other history majors of the world were in those positions. So I taught math instead, because obviously. (yes, that's my husband graduating, not me. I cannot for the life of me find a picture of my graduation.)
  • 6. Sisters 6 of 25
    6. Sisters
    I have one sister, one half-sister and 3 step-sisters. Holidays are one giant estrogen festival.
  • 7. I’m allergic to eggs 7 of 25
    7. I'm allergic to eggs
    This is one of my least favorite fun facts. Eggs are in just about everything. My allergy is much more significant with raw eggs than cooked ones, and the quantity of eggs in a dish also has a significant impact. I can handle most baked goods because they usually have a relatively small number of eggs per serving and they're usually cooked for a looooong time. But angel food cakes, chiffon cakes, most homemade ice cream (with very lightly cooked eggs) and about every salad dressing (very lightly or raw eggs) known to man is out. You'll understand now why breakfast is one of my least favorite meals.
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  • 8. I used to be a springboard diver 8 of 25
    8.  I used to be a springboard diver
    I dove for my high school and college and for a few years before starting high school. In case you wondered, it absolutely never gets less terrifying to do flips and turns from a high board. Or at least after 10 years, it never did for me. Tragically, I do not have any pictures of this.
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  • 9. I have a gift for breaking bones 9 of 25
    9.  I have a gift for breaking bones
    I have broken somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 bones in my life. Some of these were not my fault, others absolutely were. There was one time I managed to break a bone in both feet by jumping off a really high wall onto cement. It was a really intense game of mafia and I was actually, remarkably sober at the time. Though I imagine it would've hurt a hell of a lot less if I wasn't.
  • 10. Star Wars 10 of 25
    10.  Star Wars
    I've never seen the original Star Wars movie. I have tried, and every time I fall asleep. I did once write a paper in high school comparing Star Wars with a novel of some sort and I got a 100 on it. I guess another fun fact is that I am a great BSer.
  • 11. I’m afraid of the circus 11 of 25
    11.  I'm afraid of the circus
    Like, no joke, it makes me want to puke every time I've been. I have a very serious fear of seeing someone fall to their death and so all the trapeze and tight rope walking and all of that just horrifies me. Ditto with air shows and Cirque du Soleil. I just cannot do it.
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  • 12. Study Abroad 12 of 25
    12.  Study Abroad
    In college I studied abroad in Athens, Greece for 6 months. It was unquestionably one of the coolest things I've ever done. I expected that being that far from home was going to be awful, but my family visited and the absolutely undeniable coolness of the experience made it fly by. I got to see the lighting of the Olympic torch and spent several weeks on some of the prettiest islands in the world.
  • 13. I’ve never pulled an all nighter 13 of 25
    13.  I've never pulled an all nighter
    Despite the fact that I did 4 years of undergraduate, 3 years of post-bac studies and am this week finishing my 3rd and final year of an intense doctoral program, I have never not slept at night. I'm a bit too much of a planner to wait that close to the last second. Plus, I like sleep. This is one of those things that makes me fear motherhood.
  • 14. My full name is Kathryn 14 of 25
    14.  My full name is Kathryn
    But I have never, ever gone by it. My parents called me Katie from day 1 and I just don't feel like a Kathryn at all. It seems like way too much of a grown up name for me. Despite my never using my full name, we're totally giving our son a long first name and planning to call him by a nickname.
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  • 15. I used to be a runner 15 of 25
    15.  I used to be a runner
    When I was in college I took up running. It wasn't for any particular reason, but I found out I was pretty decent at it. I ran more 5k races than I can count and one 10k. I trained for a half-marathon and after my first 13 mile run, I realized that I never wanted to run that far ever again. I eventually stopped after a few broken bones in my foot and try as I might, I've never been able to recommit myself to it.
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  • 16. I hate BBQ sauce 16 of 25
    16.  I hate BBQ sauce
    I don't know how much I need to elaborate here. It's just gross. I don't like it on or in anything. It's grody.
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  • 17. I lived on a farm 17 of 25
    17.  I lived on a farm
    When I was in junior high and high school, my family raised lambs, had goats, pigs and horses. We definitely ate the lamb and pigs (to this day I cannot stand lamb), but we mostly just had the other ones for fun. One of our horses was great, the other was a giant jerk who really hated my dad for some reason.
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  • 18. I’ve never gotten stitches 18 of 25
    18.  I've never gotten stitches
    I've broken a boat load of bones, but I've never injured myself in such a way that I required stitches. Which if you know me and my abundance of natural grace, is pretty incredible. (Also, just to be clear, that bandage is from an arterial line that bled a lot, not from me hurting myself. I promise.)
  • 19. I’ve won cake/pie contests 19 of 25
    19.  I've won cake/pie contests
    I'm not sure what possessed me to start baking, but over several years I've won a number of cake and pie baking contests. I haven't entered any in years, but prior to becoming insanely pregnant, I loved to bake unnecessarily complicated cakes and desserts.
  • 20. I have a talent for memorizing 20 of 25
    20.  I have a talent for memorizing
    I don't know when we first noticed it, but I have a Rainman like ability to memorize things. Especially numbers and song lyrics. When I was in 5th grade I memorized pi to the 50th decimal point. For 50 extra credit points. Another fun fact about me is that I am a total dork.
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  • 21. My favorite food is cake 21 of 25
    21.  My favorite food is cake
    Seriously. I just love it. There are very few kinds of cake that I won't happily eat in large quantities. Cookies are a close second.
  • 22. I did ballet for 14 years 22 of 25
    22.  I did ballet for 14 years
    I began ballet when I was 4 years old and gave it up when I graduated from high school at 18. There are a lot of good and a lot of ugly memories wrapped up in that experience. To this day I can still do the splits. Well, okay, at 800 months pregnant I'm not sure I can, but before the baby I could.
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  • 23. I’m a life-long Dallas Cowboys fan 23 of 25
    23.  I'm a life-long Dallas Cowboys fan
    Contrary to this picture (where we went to see a game in Oakland and dude, you must pretend to be a Raider's fan in Oakland if you want to live through the game), I was born and raised on the Dallas Cowboys. They are terrible now and I love them anyway. Because that's what real fans do. They make themselves miserable for decades all for one (hopeful) season of glory.
  • 24. I met my husband by hurting myself 24 of 25
    24. I met my husband by hurting myself
    It was the second day of staff training at a summer camp. I was a counselor, he was the on site EMT and during a game of capture the flag I got slide tackled, which resulted in a broken bone in my ankle. My now husband sat with me for hours while we waited for someone to come drive me to a hospital. And the rest is history.
  • 25. I’ve been rear ended 4 times 25 of 25
    25. I've been rear ended 4 times
    The first two times my then car was totaled, the other two, one of which was like 2 months ago, resulted in minimal damage to my back bumper. I could swear I asked them to remove the target from the back of my car.

Now you know 25 completely unnecessary, somewhat embarrassing facts about me. I feel so much closer to you already.

Inspired by Monica and Serge.


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