25 MORE Eco-Friendly Baby Products

To add onto our Earth Day post about the most eco-friendly baby gear (from car seats to strollers), there are plenty of other earth-friendly (and health-friendly) eco products to add to your baby registry.

If organic crib mattresses and recyclable strollers aren’t in your baby budget, you can still feel good about your choices — just on a smaller scale.

Take a look at 25 more eco-friendly baby products that give peace of mind:

  • Boon Glo Nightlight 1 of 25
    Boon Glo Nightlight
    Boon's interactive nightlight (with removable, portable illuminated balls of light) changes colors in the dark. And surprisingly, it's not electronic — so the balls won't get warm and break. The nightlight charges on a low-energy LED base, and the light balls are BPA- Phthalate- and PVC-free.
    Buy from Boon, $84.99
  • Cloth Diapers 2 of 25
    Cloth Diapers
    One of the most obvious ways to go green is to choose cloth diapers — if only to keep thousands of non-biodegradable diapers from sitting in landfills for hundreds of years. My personal favorites are Bummis Tots Bots (made with sustainable bamboo fibre), GroVia (with an organic cotton lining), bumGenius Elementals (also made with absorbent organic cotton), and Charlie Banana (a great
    hybrid option).
    See our Babble Best Cloth Diapers feature for more diaper options
  • Better Wipes 3 of 25
    Better Wipes
    Everyone talks about the environmental impact of disposable diapers, but what about baby wipes? And what about the chemicals that mainstream wipes are soaked in? gDiapers makes biodegradable (and compostable) wipes that are hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, alcohol-free, and any-icky-chemical-free.
    Buy from gDiapers, $49.99 for 840 wipes
  • Even Better Wipes 4 of 25
    Even Better Wipes
    Another option for baby wipes, these 100% natural wipes (made in the U.S.) are made from bio-based materials and ingredients approved by EcoCert and the Natural Products Association. And like gDiapers, these wipes are compostable.
    Buy from Elements, $35.95 for 480 wipes; $59.95 for 960 wipes
  • Better Disposable Diapers 5 of 25
    Better Disposable Diapers
    If cloth just isn't convenient enough for your lifestyle, The Honest Company recently came out with plant-based, biodegradable, chlorine-free (and stylish looking!) diapers that actually get delivered to your doorstep every month. (For a limited time, you'll also get free baby wipes with each month's diaper supply.)
    Buy from The Honest Company, $79.95 (+$4.95 shipping) per month
  • Eco-Friendly Soaps and Lotions 6 of 25
    Eco-Friendly Soaps and Lotions
    The Honest Company also makes eco-friendly shampoo, hand soap, laundry detergent, dish soap, and lotion, which you can opt to have sent to your doorstep every month.
    Buy from The Honest Company, $39.95 (+$3.95 shipping) per month
  • Natural Rubber Teethers 7 of 25
    Natural Rubber Teethers
    The most famous natural teethers are the France-made Vulli teethers (with Sophie the Giraffe being the superstar), but the Spain-based teethers from Lanco are also made from natural rubber with hand-painted, non-toxic paints. They're also PVC-, BPA-, and phthalate-free. Natural rubber is harvested sustainably (typically without herbicides) and is biodegradable.
  • Green Toys Twist Teether 8 of 25
    Green Toys Twist Teether
    Another eco-friendly teether option is from Green Toys — which is completely made from recycled plastic milk jugs found in their local area. (No BPA,
    PVC, or phthalates.)
    Buy from Green Toys, $11
  • Angel Baby Bottom Balm 9 of 25
    Angel Baby Bottom Balm
    Earth Mama Angel Baby makes a variety of healthy, natural baby products that you don't have to worry about — like their best-selling salve that treats everything from diaper rashes to bug bites to burns. And it's made with organic olive oil, natural antibacterial/antifungal organic herbs, shea butter, and pure essential oils.
    Buy from Earth Mama Angel Baby, $9.95 - $14.95
  • giggle Better Basics Toy Cleaner 10 of 25
    giggle Better Basics Toy Cleaner
    Especially made for toys, this natural, plant-based cleanser is safe, non-toxic, biodegradable, and effective.
    Buy from giggle, $5
  • Hevea Natural Rubber Orthodontic Rubber Pacifier 11 of 25
    Hevea Natural Rubber Orthodontic Rubber Pacifier
    Natural rubber isn't only good for teethers — it's an eco-friendly option for pacifiers, too. Hevea pacifiers are produced sustainably with 100% natural rubber (no PVC, BPA, phthalates, or artificial colors) — and even their packaging is made from recycled paper.
    Buy from Baby Earth, $9.95
  • aden + anais Organic Muslin 12 of 25
    aden + anais Organic Muslin
    Any product from aden + anais is a fantastic choice that's made from lightweight, breathable muslin. If you're looking for the most eco-friendly, their organic materials are grown and manufactured in the most environmentally and socially responsible manner. And their swaddle blankets can be used for many different purposes for many years — which is an eco-friendly choice in and of itself.
    Buy from aden + anais
  • Little Alouette Teethers 13 of 25
    Little Alouette Teethers
    Beyond natural rubber and recycled plastic milk jugs, what about good 'ol fashioned wooden teethers? The adorable handmade teethers from Little Alouette are made from locally sourced hardwoods and finished with certified organic flax seed oil.
    Buy from Little Alouette via Etsy, $12+
  • Dandelion Natural Corn Feeding Products 14 of 25
    Dandelion Natural Corn Feeding Products
    Solid feedings will be here before you know it, and these eco-friendly plates, bowls, and utensils are made from a corn-based bioplastic. Corn is a natural, sustainable resource (as opposed to traditional petroleum-based plastic), and this bioplastic requires less energy and fewer green house gases to produce.
    Buy from Baby Earth, $7.99 - $8.99
  • BuggyLOVE Stroller Cleaner 15 of 25
    BuggyLOVE Stroller Cleaner
    Strollers can get messy. Clean them off with this natural cleaning system made with organic ingredients. The kit comes with cleansers, a stain remover, a wheel lubricant, a microfiber cloth, and a wheel scrub brush.
    Buy from BuggyLOVE, $7.99 - $49.99
  • Bamboo Wall Art 16 of 25
    Bamboo Wall Art
    Even your nursery decor can be eco-friendly with these wall hangings made from sustainable bamboo. Find a wide variety of styles at Paper Culture.
    Buy from Paper Culture, $39.99+
  • giggle Better Basics Scraptopus, $15 17 of 25
    giggle Better Basics Scraptopus, $15
    This Scraptopus is made from the leftover fabric scraps of giggle's 100% organic-cotton clothing line.
    Buy from giggle, $15
  • Patemm Pad 18 of 25
    Patemm Pad
    Made from organic cotton approved by the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), this portable diaper-changing pad is made without OVC, lead, phthalates, latex, BPA, or formaldehyde. It also multi-functions as a tummy-time mat and/or outdoor beach mat.
    Buy from Patemm, $65+
  • weeDECOR Wall Decals 19 of 25
    weeDECOR Wall Decals
    These U.S.-made reusable wall decals are made with a biodegradable fabric adhesive, and the decals themselves are PVC-free.
    Buy from weeDECOR, $5 - $110
  • Lifefactory Glass Bottles 20 of 25
    Lifefactory Glass Bottles
    Not only are these bottles made from healthier glass (and protected with colorful silicone sleeves), but they grow from newborn to big-kid — making them even more eco-friendly than the typical baby bottle.
    Buy from Lifefactory, $14.99 - $16.99
  • 5 Phases Glass Bottles 21 of 25
    5 Phases Glass Bottles
    Here's another eco-friendly baby bottle option from this newcomer company. These hybrid baby bottles have a removable glass insert (to prevent any chemicals from leaching into your baby's milk) and a BPA-, phthalate- , PVC-free plastic outer covering for protection.
    Buy from 5 Phases, $19.99
  • Organic Sleeping Dolls 22 of 25
    Organic Sleeping Dolls
    These organic cotton teething dolls are extremely popular with
    eco-conscious moms.
    Buy from Baby Earth, $10
  • Green Toys Tugboat 23 of 25
    Green Toys Tugboat
    Another Green Toys product produced from recycled milk jugs, this tugboat doubles as a water pourer before baby can play with the boat during bath time.
    Buy from Abe's Market, $14.99
  • Clementine All-Natural Art Kit 24 of 25
    Clementine All-Natural Art Kit
    Clementine Art crayon rocks are the perfect starter crayons, but this entire line of natural art products is something to keep in mind for your baby. This set (made from natural ingredients, colored with natural pigments and minerals), includes crayon rocks, natural glue, natural crayons, natural modeling dough, and
    natural paint.
    Buy from Abe's Market, $39.99
  • Eco-Crayons 25 of 25
    Skip Crayola for those early art moments and opt for crayons handmade with natural and organic fruit, plant, and vegetable extracts — like carrots, beets, and red cabbage.
    Buy from Abe's Market, $9.99

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