25 Readers Share The First Thing They Bought For Baby While Pregnant

Baby S will be here in about two months, and over the past two weeks I’ve found myself realizing I am not going to be pregnant for too much longer, and I’ve had the urge to make sure I’ve got everything here in the house. Baby essentials, plus those things I want for that dreaded postpartum period that will help the transition go smoother were on my must-get-soon list, which I recently completed.

I still remember the first thing I bought for him — before we were even pregnant with him. Each of my kids have a special blanket that they just love (for my youngest she bonded more with her pillow than blanket), so we picked up a special one when my husband and I started trying to conceive. For nearly a year and a half, it sat on my shelf taunting me as I worried I would not ever have another child to give it to. When that positive test showed up in early April, I was happy we had something already in house for him.

The first thing we got for baby when we knew he was on the way we purchased in the fifth month or so, as I was getting more and more comfortable that things would not turn for the worse — a common anxiety for those who have had multiple losses. It was a onesie that my youngest child chose for the new baby, and it marked the first time we all got really excited for his arrival.

We asked on the Babble Pregnancy Facebook page what was the first item you picked up for your child when you found out you were pregnant and so many of you replied with some great first-item picks.

Click through and read what Babble readers first picked up while they were pregnant for their soon-to-be-born babe:

  • Readers Share the First Thing They Bought for Their Baby While Pregnant 1 of 26

    It runs the gamut from shoes and clothes to practical items needed. 

  • A Special Blanket 2 of 26

    "The very hungry catterpillar [sic] blanket he still can'tsleep without almost a year old" - Kellie

  • First Photo 3 of 26

    "A picture frame, that's says, Hi, Mommy! It's me in your tummy!" - Diana

  • Teddy 4 of 26

    "A Build-A-Bear Workshop teddy bear, Both hubby and i were happy we just wanted to buy a teddy bad" - Courtney

  • A Special Book 5 of 26

    "The book Guess How Much I Love You." - Brandy

  • Clothes 6 of 26

    "some gender neutral things plus a pink outfit [because] I knew it was a girl" - Amanda

  • Mickey 7 of 26

    " A mickey Mouse onesie with matching bib.....the only thing I've bought....he's due in 11 weeks" - Leilani

  • First Prize 8 of 26

    "My hubby won a stuffed animal for her." - Megan

  • For Mom 9 of 26

    "Bio Oil lol" - Aliya

  • State Pride 10 of 26

    "Ohio State University bib. All my grand kids have, and are still using it!" - Loyann

  • Baby One and Baby Two 11 of 26

    "For the first, pacifiers. For the second, a John Lennon onesie." - Tyfani

  • For the Room 12 of 26

    "Crib & dresser" - Brittany

  • A Fun Decision 13 of 26

    "For my first baby who's now 14 we bought him a blanket and with my 4 month old we let our 14 yr old pic out her first blanket" - Madelaine

  • A Little Pink 14 of 26

    "Pink blankets and going home outfits. Then when she was born we had to send our family out to get preemie clothes...she was smaller than we expected!" - Samantha

  • The Smallest 15 of 26

    "Bath robe the world's smallest" - Tara

  • Double Gift 16 of 26

    "Shoes, gray high tops for the boy. Ballerina slippers for our girl :)" - Jessie

  • Neutral 17 of 26

    "A green sleeper because I wasn't sure of the sex I figured a girl or boy could wear green" - Kendall

  • The Little Things 18 of 26

    "With my daughter the first thing I got were socks lol. But they were really cute! And my son, a onesie with a bulldog on it." - Cortney

  • Little Reader 19 of 26

    "A baby book I thought was gender neutral turned out to be a boy book gave it to my baby sister who was having a boy than found out I was having a boy ... ironic" - Jenifer

  • Memories 20 of 26

    "A book, along with a journal, where [I] stated [sic] writing her letters." - Jennifer

  • Vacation Swag 21 of 26

    "A stuffed Winnie the Pooh that was also a rattle in Disneyworld We were on a family vacation and I was about 4 months pregnant!" - Torrie

  • Practical 22 of 26

    "Cloth diapers...both pregnancies" - Lindsay

  • Smaller Items 23 of 26

    "Diapers ,wipes,hat & mittens" - Mayra

  • Bigger Items 24 of 26

    "Crib, car seat/stroller, & high chair." - Nicolette

  • A Place to Lay 25 of 26

    "Crib, mattress, and supplies to make bedding set." - Vanessa

  • Thinking Ahead 26 of 26

    "Monkey Onesies with matching pants. That I've just taken tags off of for her to wear at 9 months old. Lol. I was planning way ahead." - Heather

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