25 Readers Share the First Thing They Said After Giving Birth

One moment in life I don’t think I will ever forget is those first few minutes after my each of my children were born. After feeling the joy of bringing full-term, healthy babies into the world, after a lot of heartache and uncertainty, I gave birth to these beautiful humans. I can remember it just as it all was yesterday.

After all the unknown and the hard work, I can remember the first thing I said out loud after each of my kids were born. With my oldest, I remember saying, “Is he okay?” because we had a challenging labor and he was born not breathing. The pediatric team was in the room working on him, and after he cried, a big sigh of relief left my lips.

After my second child was born, I remember saying, “Wow, she looks like [Speed]” because I was so surprised at how similar she looked to my older child. I was so tired after a 15 hour labor, but she was so gorgeously perfect in every way.

When my third child was born after a five-hour labor, I remember saying, “Wow, that was fast” and commenting on how much she didn’t look like her older siblings. She had brighter blue eyes and light hair — unlike the older two’s dark brown hair.

We asked Babble readers on the Babble Facebook page the first thing they said after giving birth, and the answers they gave were sweet and funny.

  • What was the first thing you said after giving birth? 1 of 26
    Happy mother with newborn baby

    We asked, and you answered!

  • Fast Food 2 of 26

    " I want taco bell" — Katie

    "ME TOO!" — Veronica's Playhouse

  • Did I? 3 of 26

    "I didn't poop, did I?" — Desiree

  • Nope 4 of 26

    "Never doing this again." — Susan

  • Celebrate 5 of 26

    "I said, 'I did it! I did it!' After two previous C-sections, I had my youngest as a home/water birth, and felt overwhelmed with pride and wonder." — Kristen

  • Food 6 of 26

    "I'm hungry lol" — Tela

  • Hello 7 of 26

    "I touched my son's head and said, 'hello beautiful'" — Sara

  • Concern 8 of 26

    "Is he OK?" — Jerilyn

  • Oh Yeah 9 of 26

    "I put my arms up and said,' Yeaahhyyyy I'm not pregnant any more!!!!' (Rough pregnancy)" — Gillian

  • Nothing 10 of 26

    "I was in shock. No epidural, and my body was wiped out. He got stuck. Lol So I couldn't think of much to say at the time." — Savannah

  • Baby 11 of 26

    "Omg, I JUST had a baby ... then I threw up..." — Lisa

  • Four Babies 12 of 26

    "First: can I hold him?
    Second: is she okay?
    Third: is she alive? (I didn't hear her cry)
    Fourth: I want my tubes tied before I forget how painful this really is" — Kathleen

  • Um, No 13 of 26

    "'Why would I keep the placenta!? I'm not Tom Cruise!'

    Nurse asked if I wanted to keep my placenta. LOL." — Kellie

  • For You 14 of 26

    "Looked over at his father and said, 'You're welcome.'

    They wouldn't let me hold him right away because he was so small." — Natalya

  • What? 15 of 26

    "The doc said she had teeth. I responded, 'Can I change my mind about breastfeeding?'" — Lisa

  • Girl 16 of 26

    "After having four boys then a female shows up, my first words were: 'What am I gonna do with a girl?' But she's 22 years old now, and we are not just mother and daughter, but we're best friends and she's given me two gorgeous grandkids!" — Deborah

  • Those Feet 17 of 26

    "Wow, she has big feet!" — Katie

  • Mommy 18 of 26

    " I want MY mommy. lol" — Nekisha

  • Can’t See 19 of 26

    "I need my glasses!" — Crysty

  • No Words 20 of 26

    "I was speechless ... couldn't stop crying." — Janet

  • Big Baby 21 of 26

    "Omg, almost 10 lbs with my son, and look at the RED hair with my daughter" — Heather

  • Sorry 22 of 26

    "Sorry for cussing all you nurses out! Now where's my baby?" — Michele

  • Boy or Girl? 23 of 26

    "What is it?? What is it?? No one told me my babies gender. LOL." — Tasha

  • So Much Better 24 of 26

    "'That feels so much better! Ha ha ha."  — Tanisha

  • Patiently Waiting 25 of 26

    " Hi Jacob ... I've been waiting to meet you for so long!" — Cheri

  • Again Please 26 of 26

    "I want to do that again!" — Jill

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