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MOI! After a little inspiration from Serge over on Babble Voices, I decided it would be fun to let my readers get to know me a little better. I loved getting to know them both more, and it was so much fun looking through the photos. It’s always nice to know more about the face behind the name, right? I can’t wait to see how surprised you will be, or to see what we may have in common! So here we go, from baby names to cottage cheese to board games…I think your mouth may drop on a few.

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  • Board Game Love! 1 of 25
    Board Game Love!
    I love board games! I absolutely LOVE playing Monopoly and get really upset if I can't buy Boardwalk.
  • Mr.Darling in Malibu 2 of 25
    Mr.Darling in Malibu
    Before I knew my husband would be my husband - I made fun of him & thought he was a big dork for buying me a Pepsi before class every day in high-school. And yes, that's my name on his wrist. Who feels like the jerk now?
  • I Love Football! 3 of 25
    I Love Football!
    I love football and am a big fan of the Washington Redskins since I was born in Washington, DC. I have never missed a game!
  • Behind The Name 4 of 25
    Behind The Name
    My 2 year old, Kennadi Audrey Monroe, was indeead named after 3 Hollywood Fashion Icons. Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe.
    Images thanks to Kim Flores
    Adorable outfit from Adistons Closet
  • Cali Girl At Heart 5 of 25
    Cali Girl At Heart
    If I could I would pick up and move to Beverly Hills. I am a California girl at heart and obsessed with LA.
  • Man After My Heart 6 of 25
    Man After My Heart
    I am absolutely smitten over Adam Duritz from Counting Crows. I am not sure if it's his crazy hair or when he sings Around Here but, I am in love. Never miss a concert - front row of course!
  • Sugar 7 of 25
    Before cupcakeMAG, I managed, did inventory, & buying for a high-end boutique Sugar in Washington, DC - the store was my life & I still miss it daily. It was where I spent many 16 hour days.
  • Going To The Chapel 8 of 25
    Going To The Chapel
    I planned my wedding + got married in 7 days. Yep, call me crazy!
  • Oh, Zack Morris 9 of 25
    Oh, Zack Morris
    I still get sucked into watching Saved by the Bell & Full House with my 9 year old. Sometimes, I even sit through an episode willingly by myself. Shhhh, its a secret. I may still be crushin' on Zack Morris.
    Image via
  • Spotted on ediTORIal 10 of 25
    Spotted on ediTORIal

    Tori Spelling named me the MOMpreneur of the Month Image courtsey of Tori Spelling
  • I’ll Be There For You 11 of 25
    I'll Be There For You
    I still DVR Friends even though I have the complete series on DVD.
    Image via
  • New York, New York 12 of 25
    New York, New York
    When I go to New York for work, the first thing I do is buy a soft pretzel from a vendor.
  • Not A Fan of Coffee 13 of 25
    Not A Fan of Coffee
    I don't drink coffee unless it is a Starbucks Caramel Frapp. Diet Coke is my coffee every am.
    Images via
  • Watch Out Martha 14 of 25
    Watch Out Martha
    I secretly would love to be Martha Stewart.Cooking, crafts and party planning -- three of my favorite things.
    Titanic Soiree party styled by me over on cupcakeMAG
  • My Husband Cooks 15 of 25
    My Husband Cooks
    You will be surprised to know that my husband does most of the cooking. I may cook once or twice a week but, it's not often! I do the cleaning.
  • OCD much? 16 of 25
    OCD much?
    I am anal with a little OCD on the side. For example, my couch pillows have to be placed a certain way.
    My favorite Chevron pillows from Bisous Rose
  • First Celeb Interview 17 of 25
    First Celeb Interview
    My very first celebrity interview was 2 years ago on the phone with Kourtney Kardashian.
    Read it on cupcakeMAG
    Image via Getty
  • The Runway 18 of 25
    The Runway
    Before I sat front row during NY, LA and Miami Fashion week, I used to shoot runway.
  • Ew, Gross! 19 of 25
    Ew, Gross!
    I only eat French toast with cottage cheese on it. Yes, it's a polish thing.
    Image via RadMegan
  • The House Has Gone To The Dogs 20 of 25
    The House Has Gone To The Dogs
    My dogs sometimes push my hubs out of bed.
  • I Hate Fear 21 of 25
    I Hate Fear
    My biggest fear is dying. Can't talk about it, can't think about it. Just don't like the fact that I don't have control.
    Image via Pinterest
  • Girls Just Want To Have Fun 22 of 25
    Girls Just Want To Have Fun
    My very first concert was when I was 10 to see Cyndi Lauper. I can still remember how many times my Aunt covered my ears when she would say inappropriate things.
  • My Life 23 of 25
    My Life
    I never planned to have children but apparently, God had different plans and knew me better than I knew myself. Wouldn't change my life for the world!
  • I Am A Carrie 24 of 25
    I Am A Carrie
    "I like my money where I can see it, hanging in my closet."
    Image via Tumblr
    Image via Warner Bros
  • Can’t Stand Beer 25 of 25
    Can't Stand Beer
    I am a cosmo girl.
    Image via Pinterest

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