25 Week Update: One Horrible Doctor, Why I May Have Only 9 Weeks To Go Plus Tons Of Praying!

Are you sick of my updates yet? I swear I feel like I could write a novel with this pregnancy. I also feel like I should just sleep in my doctors office. Missed last weeks? Read it here so you can get caught up to speed. Last week, after my 24 week update, I had a really crappy sudden high-risk appointment. And when I mean crappy, I mean, I left in tears. Yes, it was THAT bad. Not to mention, my husband wanted to walk out of the room. So what exactly happened? Basically it goes back to where I really question doctors.

I went into see my OBGYN the day following my sono because I was having contractions that just wouldn’t stop. We are talking 3-4 hours of contractions every 5 minutes. Of course, they immediately wanted to see me. When I arrived, my doctor checked my cervix to see if it had changed and it did but not changed enough to where he was concerned. However, he was concerned with the never-ending contractions. Honestly, I don’t think he knew what to do with me anymore since he felt they were doing everything they could so he sent back to my high-risk doctor that afternoon. He wanted a more aggressive plan. The only problem? My high-risk doctor wasn’t in so I had to see some fill-in doctor. Needless to say, he was horrible. And when I mean horrible, I literally walked out and cried. Basically, he said, point blank, as he twirled his pen in the air, yawning – “Um, no medication is really going to do anything at this point. Basically, there is nothing else we can do and hopefully you won’t go into labor.” There was so much more said but I blurred it out in shock.

Are you seriously kidding me right now? I’ve been in my bed for almost 3 weeks praying to God these contractions stop. I’ve been popping pills every 4 hours and putting my entire life on hold, praying constantly this baby makes it and all you are going to say is there is nothing else we can do? I was waiting for Ashton Kutcher to pop out any minute because I seriously felt like I was getting punk-d. Or well, maybe just punched hard in my HEART. Not to mention – this guy was a high-risk doctor meaning hello — I am a high-risk patient so, I think you can do a little more.

I walked right out of the office without even making my next appointment and literally was holding back tears as I called my doctor. I never wanted to see him again, ever. Of course, my doctor was shocked and saddened by the situation. I immediately made an appointment with MY high-risk doctor. I felt like I had completely wasted valuable time. This is my unborn we are talking about here. And honestly, I didn’t want to go through the weekend with my seriously irritable uterus.

Fast forward to today! Hello Monday. I couldn’t wait to wake up and head to the doctors. Praying for good news and a more aggressive plan, I was ready to go and I wasn’t messing around with my list of questions. So what’s the plan? After measuring my slowly diminishing cervix {sorry for the TMI} showing that I could possibly be on the verge for dilation at any point he decided to go to the extreme. He is taking me off all of my current pre-term labor medications along with the 17p shot since I was allergic and putting me on a little pill called Indocin. Bascially, it’s hopefully my miracle drug that will slow down pre-term labor. The bad part? It isn’t used for long term and it can have side effects so I will be watched very closely. As if I am not already! The side effects could be a decrease in fluid around the baby as well as a blockage in the small vessel going to the babies heart. Of course, I didn’t like the sign of either of those side effects but he assured me, he really thinks this will do the trick. Otherwise, I could basically expect a baby within the next few weeks which is not something I want. As of right now, our main goal is trying to get me to 34 weeks. Yes, 34 weeks. 6 weeks earlier than my due date. 3 weeks earlier than being full-term. It’s a number I am not a fan of after my last preemie {read all about her here} and well, I really wanted to make 40 weeks.

Right now, all I can do is pray we don’t see any side effects on this medication so that I can stick it out until I am about 31-32 weeks until the medication will have to be stopped. I will follow-up next week with fetal monitoring with an echocardiogram and regular ultrasound.  I will say that I finally feel fully confident in my high-risk doctor. He reassured me that they will do whatever it takes to make sure my baby is as healthy as it can be. While he hopes I make it to 34 weeks, he said there is no way I can make 40. Call me crazy but I am strong willed so, I am still pulling  for it. I most likely will begin steroid shots if my cervix changes and as I get close to delivery.

The one thing I wasn’t prepared for was a planned early delivery. I am still hoping, keeping the faith, and praying some kind of miracle will happen and I can make it to 36 weeks. I am not shooting for 40 weeks anymore. I’m just praying. Praying to make 34 weeks, 36 if I am lucky. Praying for no NICU stay. Praying this medication works. Praying that I have the strength to go through having a preemie again. And well, I’m still praying nothing else happens in between.

If you could say a little prayer too, I’d appreciate it. The support, love, comments, tweets and all words of encouragement have really helped get me through this last few weeks. I’m really hoping I can get off this never-ending roller coaster ride soon.


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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